Guide: Best Tips & Mattress for Couples

Last Updated on August 2, 2020

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Are you a couple looking for a good night’s sleep? Read our comprehensive guide on getting a couple to sleep comfortably together, along with the best mattress to buy.

I. Sleeping Benefits for Couples

II. Sleep Positions for Couples

III. Couples’Sleeping Tips

IV. Couples’Sleeping FAQ’s

V. GhostBed Couples’Sleeper Reviews

Even when sleeping couples can nurture their lives together by just being close. Sleeping together for couples promotes security and togetherness. With everyone having different sleeping habits, sleeping with a partner in bed will take some getting used to at first.
As a couple, you will need to appreciate each other’s quirks, such as snoring, and tossing and turning. You should work together to remedy certain behaviors so that both occupants of the bed get a fitful sleep. To celebrate being a twosome in bed, take the time to shop to buy the best mattress for couples that will be the most pleasing for both of you, when it comes to sleeping.

I. Sleeping Benefits for Couples

Sense of Security

Having someone close to you in bed gives one a sense of security. You are no longer alone in life if there is an emergency or scary dream. Think about how children want to crawl into bed with a parent when frightened or ill. Just like a child, adults long for that same secure feeling of having another in bed close by. When you feel more secure you will tend to have a better sleep. It has now been realized that when sleeping together, couples tend to have a longer sleep.

Enhances Relationship

Sleeping together will serve to enhance a happy relationship by allowing the couple important time to express themselves to each other. Pillow talk gives a special moment for a couple to discuss their relationship quietly in bed. Being in the haven of the bed allows for the happy couple to get emotionally closer.

Staying Warm

On a cold night, there is nothing better than having another body in bed to cozy up to. Couples keep each other warm on those chilly nights allowing for a pleasing and comfortable sleep.

Instant Lullaby

Those with no bed partner will often lay awake longer just thinking. When you have someone to share the bed with your body and mind will feel less need to stress out about extraneous thoughts. Thus, couples sharing a bed more often will fall asleep faster than those who sleep alone.

II. Sleep Positions for Couples

Got Each Other’s Back

Sleeping back to back may not be the position that movie romances are made of, but surprisingly this seems to be the one most common position that couples enjoy. Couples may have reasons for sleeping with their backs to one another, such as to not hear the other snoring, nevertheless that does not mean that they are not secure in their coupledom. In fact, it has been found that couples who sleep back to back are seen to be very connected in their relationship.

Spooning and Swooning

Surprisingly spooning may be the most famed of sleeping positions for viewers of romantic movies, yet only 18 percent of couples in real life will sleep through a night like this. This position is viewed by experts as one in which the spooner dominates in the relationship over the spoonee. This is also seen as a position that gives in to vulnerabilities if one of the partners moves away from the other. Couple who continue sleeping in the spooning position will tend to let go a bit to sleep in a looser spoon position that shows trust.

Face to Face

Bedmates that sleep apart but facing each other shows a need for wanting better communication with each other. It’s as if you have fallen asleep wanting to speak to each other about life, yet never do. The face to face position shows that both partners long for more intimacy even when fast asleep.

III.Couples’ Sleeping Tips

  • Combat snoring as a team. Snoring has been known to start wars in bed between partners so it is important to work on a way to fix the issue as a couple. Snoring is not only an inconvenience on the one listening to it, but it can also be a sign that the snorer has a more serious problem, such as sleep apnea or hypertension, that should be addressed by consulting a doctor. When told that the noisy one’s health is all clear, test out methods to combat the snoring. There are mouthpieces made to keep airways open and reduce snoring. Make sure that the snoring partner sleeps on his or her side. Side sleepers tend to snore a lot less than back sleepers. also, soft music or a white noise machine might help to cover up the snoring so both partners can achieve a good night’s sleep.
  • Sometimes just by buying a new mattress will help couples to sleep better together. Perhaps your bed is old and sagging in the middle causing you both to roll uncomfortably towards the middle. Maybe it is just time to move from a Queen to a King size to allow more space for comfort. Consider purchasing the best mattress for couples which would generally be a universally firm bed. Memory foam will give to individual needs allowing for different weights and sleep positions to be totally supported.
  • A cooler room will provide better sleep comfort for the couple. Two people in a bed will tend to heat up faster than the lone sleeper. When it gets hot under the sheets it does not necessarily mean that it’s time for love. It more often means one partner will be heated up tossing covers off and yelling at the other to stay away. Keeping the room just a bit cooler at night, but not too cold, will allow for a great sleep for everyone. If one partner is a bit colder then he or she can always add another blanket on their side of the bed for more warmth.

IV. Couples’ Sleeping FAQ’s

How can a couple deal with having different sleep schedules?

Whether different work schedules or just a night owl living with a morning person, having common courtesy will allow for all to sleep peacefully in the same bed together. The early bird should have clothes in an allocated place outside of the bedroom that will allow for no lights to be turned on. Likewise having a vibrating wrist alarm or a vibrating phone alarm placed by the pillow will wake the person needing to rise, while allowing sleeping beauty to sleep on. The partner going to bed late should take care to unclothe outside of the room and quietly slip into bed without disturbing the one already sleeping.

How do we not go to bed angry when having an argument?

Going to bed angry can just perpetuate an argument, causing sleep problems, and waking in the morning even angrier. It is most important to set the rule to never go to bed angry. Make an effort to resolve disagreements before going to sleep. This will prove beneficial for a good night’s sleep as well as improving the emotional wellbeing and communication in the relationship.

V. GhostBed Couples’Sleep Reviews

Partners sleeping together every night require the best mattress for couples that enriches their quality of sleep. A memory foam mattress allows for the best optimal support of the body’s contours. This makes it a best option for a bed that two will be sleeping in.

GhostBed is an ideal mattress for couples, with real customers reviewing their experience.

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