Mattress Firmness Guide & Scale

Last Updated on September 26, 2022

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Mattress firmness does not exclusively refer to seeking a firm or hard bed. Instead it’s more of a scale describing the feeling of a very soft bed to one that is very firm, generally referred to as the “mattress firmness chart.” Different people have their own requirements when it comes to mattress firmness. Although there is a mattress firmness scale from 1 to 10, the firmness of a mattress is dictated by the feel when you first lay down on it. A mattress that has more push back is considered firm, while a mattress that engulfs you like a cloud will be seen as soft. The universal medium firmness that most sleepers appreciate is a combination of sturdy push back coupled with a hug as it softly contours the body.

I. Mattress Firmness (1-10)

II. GhostBed Mattress Scale

The GhostBed

GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed Flex

III. GhostBed Mattress Scale





IV. Summary

What is Needed for your Mattress Move

While the firmness of a bed may be personal, there is a mattress firmness scale from 1 to 10 to assist in understanding choices from a soft to a medium, to a firm mattress.

Mattress Firmness Chart

The mattress firmness chart helps aid buyers in their quest of selecting the right firmness level that will fit their needs and wants to achieve a great rest.

Mattress Firmness Firmness Scale Sleeper Type Feel
Soft 1-2 Lightweight Side Plush like a cloud
Deeply hugs body
Medium-Soft 3-4 Lightweight Side
Hugs and contours to body
Medium-Firm 5-7 Heavy
Those with back pain
Enjoyed by most
Slightly more bounce/contours to body
Firm 8-10 Heavy
Those with back pain
Little contour
Feels like sleeping on top of the mattress, not in it

GhostBed Mattress Size

The family of GhostBed mattresses aim for universal comfort for all with their medium-firm level of firmness, and are perfect for bed partners with different firmness needs. Each of the choices of GhostBed mattresses have their own unique qualities to give the perfect rest for dreamland comfort.

The GhostBed

The GhostBed is GhostBed’s original mattress. This bed comes in with a medium-firm level of 7 to 8 on the firmness scale. The mattress has just enough softness to relieve pressure points, yet firm enough to support the body and keep the spine aligned to provide the best rest and pain free waking. Side, back and stomach sleepers will appreciate The GhostBed.

GhostBed Flex

The GhostBed is GhostBed’s original mattress. This bed comes in with a medium-firm level of 6 to 7 on the firmness scale. The mattress has just enough softness to relieve pressure points, yet firm enough to support the body and keep the spine aligned to provide the best rest and pain free waking. Side, back and stomach sleepers will appreciate The GhostBed.

GhostBed Luxe

Coming in at 5 to 6 on the firmness scale, the GhostBed Luxe has a slight plushier feel when laying on it. The plushness will please those with joint pain while its firmness will keep promote spinal alignment. It is perfect for side and back sleepers, and those who are combination sleepers.

Choosing a Soft, Medium, or Firm Mattress

Even with the universal appeal of the medium-firm mattress people will still want to investigate their options of different firmness levels. With around 80% of the population enjoying the medium-firmness level most will find themselves loving this mattress firmness.


Those who love sinking into a bed may love the soft mattress on the 1 to 2 firmness scale at first, but for the long term may prove to provide little support eventually leading to discomfort.

Lighter weight people and side sleepers tend to like a softer mattress more than others. Those who have a lighter body weight may appreciate the cradling feel that their smaller bodies won’t get from a firmer mattress. Side sleepers will get the contouring needed to support protruding shoulders and hips as they are kept aligned with the spine.

Sufferers of pressure point pain will also appreciate a soft mattress that supports joints and bones with its hugging capabilities.

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Like the soft mattress, a medium-soft is good for those seeking relief on pressure points. Where a soft mattress may sooth a body it may prove to be too soft for those who require a higher level of support for the spine. It also is not good for those who are heavier in weight as they may feel like they are sinking in too much without needed support.


The medium-firm mattress of 5 to 7 on the firmness scale is viewed as ideal and known as a universal firmness as a result of its popularity.

Most sleepers seem to prefer this firmness for its balance of providing contouring comfort along with supporting spinal alignment. This type of mattress will generally please back and combination sleepers and those with back pain. It is ideal for bed partners of different weights. Those who enjoy a softer bed will appreciate the hug and contouring while those who like a firmer mattress will enjoy the medium-firm support.


Firm mattresses, falling on the firmness scale between 7 and 10, are good for back and stomach sleepers, but may prove to be too hard for those who suffer from joint pain.

This firmness level will give you the feeling of laying on top of a mattress and not in it, with very little sinking. Side sleepers will find themselves uncomfortable on a firm bed as it does not provide any cushioning to take pressure off protruding joints and bones like the shoulders and hips. With little to no sinking in airflow is promoted on the firm mattress.


While firmness level is a matter of personal preference, most people have been known to enjoy a peaceful slumber on a medium-firm mattress. When choosing a firmness, it is important to consider factors such as support requirements, position of sleep, body weight, and if you have a bed partner.

  • Side sleepers will need a softer, more contouring bed to cradle the pressure points of the hips and shoulders while a back or stomach sleeper will want a firmer mattress to promote proper spinal alignment. The medium-firm of 5 to 7 is perfect for all sleep positions.
  • The heavier and larger person will need a firmer mattress that will hold the heftier weight. A more petite person will require a softer mattress so that he or she may get contouring that would not be felt with a lighter weight on a firm bed. A medium-firm mattress will provide the support needed for the heavier soul while also providing just enough soften to caress the lighter weight sleeper.
  • The medium-firm mattress generally wins ahead of all other firmness levels. For those who have trouble deciding, or for those sharing their bed with a partner, this universal firmness level of 5 to 7 is the go-to choice.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

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