Which is Best: Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Last Updated on March 24th, 2020

Comfort is the most important factor that people seek when choosing a new mattress to purchase. Designers have been working on mattress options for ions to choose from other than the traditional spring mattress. Water beds, air beds and pillow tops have all played to the consumer looking to ease their body of aches with the comfort of sleep. It took NASA engineers to invent the memory foam that people now value as a viable option to the old spring mattress. To make a thoughtful decision between a spring mattress and memory foam it is important to know the pros and cons.

Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress
Spring Mattress

A spring mattress is constructed from a basic pocket-coil system wrapped that in fabric. Production of this type of mattress is easy so it tends to keep costs lower. Prices can rise with the level of mattress, as often soft foam pillow tops are added to provide extra comfort and luxury. Spring mattresses may still be an option but one needs to understand what sets them apart from the newer memory foam mattress.

Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress
  • Unlike a comfortable memory foam mattress that can be vacuum sealed to be delivered in a compact box, spring mattresses need to be delivered to your home by truck or balanced on top of a vehicle.
  • The spring mattress does not rely on body contours for comfort. Although there may be a choice of firmness, it is more of a one mattress fits all.
  • The pressure of the coils from the spring mattress and uneven body support may acerbate aches and pains instead of relieving them.
  • Spring mattresses tend to have a shorter lifespan and warranty then memory foam due to the coil system design and manufacturing causing them to eventually sag from body weight.
  • For common spring mattresses without a pillow top they must be rotated and flipped regularly in order to maintain them. This takes time, and adds pressure and frustration to upkeep your mattress investment.
Memory Foam Mattress

When memory foam mattresses first began to gain popularity they had a tendency of retaining heat causing the sleeper to get hot. With the invention of gel memory foam this no longer is a problem. The gel foam allows for a special memory foam design fashioning the mattress to allow for a comfortable cool night’s sleep. The reason for the gaining popularity of the memory foam is their level of comfort that they provide when compared to the spring mattress.

Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress
  • The memory foam mattress will distribute body weight evenly for a perfect balance in supporting individual pressure points to relieve aches and pains and encourage a great night’s sleep.
  • Unlike a spring mattress, the memory foam mattress will hold its shape without any worries about eventual sagging.
  • Although many think of foam as being very soft, the memory foam mattress is designed from layers to create a firm mattress that gives with the contours of the body to create the ultimate in support.
  • Memory foam mattresses are known to have a longer lifespan than the spring mattresses and a 20-year warranty is proof that companies stand by this type of mattress.
  • Shop easily online and get a memory foam mattress delivered to your door in a compact box that you unpack in your bedroom for your mattress to unfold and come to shape in position ready to sleep.
  • Memory foam mattress only needs to be rotated every six months for easy maintenance.
  • An amazing free 101-day sleep trial allows for one to thoroughly be able to experience the memory foam bed without worry.

Memory foam mattresses may have once been prohibitive due to cost but with online shopping, that cuts out the salesperson in the store, the price for the comfortable memory foam bed has dropped considerably. GhostBed sells their memory foam mattresses at a cost that is 25-percent lower than the brick and mortar retail store equivalent mattress selection. Whether choosing the traditional spring mattress or the innovative memory foam, one should keep in mind that experts advise people to replace their mattress every seven to eight years due to hygienic purposes that arise from everyday living.


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