How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost? (2024 Guide)

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

You’re going to spend about a third of your life sleeping, so investing in a high-quality mattress is definitely worth it. But how much does a good mattress cost? And when shopping for a “good” mattress, what should you be looking for?

Here, we break down what to look for when shopping for your next mattress, including the differences between the most popular types of mattresses, the average costs for each type and the factors that go into determining these prices. You can decide how much (or how little) you want to spend on your next mattress from there. To make things easy, we’ll focus the conversation around the average mattress price for a queen size mattress, which is one of the most popular options.

Overview: How Much Does a Good Mattress Cost?

There are seemingly endless mattress options on the market today, so you may be wondering how much you can expect to spend. However, the answer will depend on what type of mattress you choose. The four most common mattress types are foam, innerspring, latex and hybrid.

  • An innerspring mattress costs $850 on average for a queen size.
  • A foam mattress will cost you an average of $1,500 for a queen size.
  • A latex mattress averages at right around $1,500 for a queen.
  • A queen size hybrid mattress will run you $1,650 on average.

The average cost of each mattress will depend on its materials, size, layers, technology, manufacturing process and features. Considering which features are most important to you will help you decide how much to spend on a mattress.

How Different Mattress Types Compare in Cost

The first point to consider when looking at how much a mattress costs is what type it is. The four main types of mattresses are innerspring, foam, latex and hybrid. Below is a quick overview of the average costs for each type, and then we’ll explore each type a little further.

Mattress Type Budget Price
(Queen Size)
Medium Price
(Queen Size)
Luxury Price
(Queen Size)
Average Price
(Queen Size)
Innerspring $700 or Under $700 to $1000 $1000 or More $850
Foam $500 or Under $500 to $1700 $2000 or More $1500
Latex $1000 or Under $1000 to $2000 $2000 or More $1500
Hybrid $1200 or Under $1200 to $2000 $2000 or More $1650

How Much Does an All-Foam Mattress Cost?

Foam mattresses have become very popular for their comfort and support. Although most popular foam beds are generally memory foam, there is also polyfoam, which may cost less but is generally lower-quality than memory foam.

Did you know that NASA engineers actually developed the viscoelastic material that makes up memory foam to help astronauts stay comfortable during landings? Pretty cool, right? This moldable foam easily contours to the body for support and quickly bounces back to its original form. And because it conforms to the body, it works to alleviate pressure points and pain, making foam mattresses the ideal choice for those with back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more.

What determines how much an all-foam mattress costs?

The following factors determine how much a foam mattress costs.

Foam Type
The type of foam used for the mattress will be the most important factor in determining its cost. For example, cheap polyfoam will not be as durable or long-lasting as memory foam. Memory foam that’s infused with gel may also increase the cost a bit, but the cooling effects are worth it if you’re a hot sleeper.

Foam Density
Foam density equates to durability and support. This means more affordable mattresses options will utilize a lower density foam that is less durable and has a shorter lifespan. It’s worth paying a bit more upfront if it means you will be getting a higher density foam that will be more durable and last longer.

Foam Airflow
Airflow is important when purchasing a foam mattress, as this aids in the cooling factor. Often, an aerated foam layer may be added for comfort. These special foams can drive up the price a bit, so look for a mattress company that offers these features while also keeping their costs reasonable.

How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost?

Latex is a type of supportive foam, similar to memory foam. The main difference is that it tends to be a bit bouncier than memory foam. While it might not give sleepers the same body-contouring “hug,” it sleeps cooler and can still relieve joint pressure.

There are both synthetic and natural latex mattress options and the type of latex will impact the price. We’ll talk more about the factors that go into the cost of a latex mattress, but two of those primary considerations are the type of latex and how the mattress is made.

What determines how much a latex mattress costs?

The following factors determine how much a latex mattress may cost.

Natural vs Synthetic Latex
Natural latex is harvested from sustainable rubber trees. The process of creating natural latex is more expensive than creating synthetic latex. Therefore, synthetic latex will be the more cost-effective option when shopping for a latex mattress. Additionally, some people may experience latex allergies—making this option a no-go.

Latex Mattress Thickness
Both natural and synthetic latex is made using either a Dunlop process or Talalay process. The Dunlop process produces a heavier and denser mattress. Those seeking more cushion will want the more modern Talalay process, which delivers a slightly softer feel. If you’re considering a mattress with both types of latex, like our GhostBed Natural, look at the order of the layers to figure out how it will feel.

Foam Airflow
Latex mattresses are made using molds that are filled and then heated. Latex mattresses made with the Dunlop process are filled entirely, and mattresses made with the Talalay are filled partially, vacuum-sealed so the latex expands, and then frozen to create a softer, fluffier latex. A more comfortable, thicker latex mattress will generally have a higher price tag.

How Much Does an Innerspring Mattress Cost?

Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades and are most likely what your grandparents slept on. Coils are the star of the show with an innerspring mattress, but the comfort layer and padding will also contribute to overall performance, longevity and price. This type of mattress can be easily found in showrooms, department stores and wholesale suppliers but keep in mind that some innerspring mattresses cannot be shipped to your door as a bed-in-a-box.

What determines how much an innerspring mattress costs?

The following factors determine how much an innerspring mattress may cost.

Coil Quality
The most significant factor in the cost of an innerspring mattress will be the quality of the coils. Coil gauge (or thickness) fluctuates from 12 to 18 gauge, with 12 being the thickest—the thicker the coil, the more supportive and durable the mattress. Thicker coils usually mean a more expensive mattress.

Coil Count
Some innerspring mattress manufacturers base the price on the number of coils used in the mattress (or coil count). However, it’s essential to note that coil count isn’t as important as the gauge. In fact, mattresses with more coils aren’t necessarily better than those with fewer coils. The main thing to pay attention to is the coil gauge.

Coil Type
Pocketed springs cut down on motion transfer while providing more targeted support. Therefore, innerspring mattresses with pocketed coils are pricier than offset or Bonnell coils.

The Comfort Layer
The comfort layer also contributes to the cost of an innerspring mattress. A comfort layer comprises an upholstered padding that rests directly atop the spring system made from anything from wool to manufactured fibers.

How Much Does a Hybrid Mattress Cost?

Hybrid mattresses, like our GhostBed Flex and GhostBed 3D Matrix, combine multiple layers to create the perfect balance of comfort and support. Hybrid layers may include a combination of coils, foam, latex, or even cooling gel. Hybrid mattresses are a great option for those who may still want the feel of an innerspring coupled with the conforming comfort of memory foam or latex.

What determines how much a hybrid mattress costs?

The following factors determine how much a hybrid mattress may cost.

Coil Size and Quality
Larger coils will take up more space than smaller coils and therefore be less costly. Micro coils commonly used in hybrid mattresses are crafted using a flexible, high-gauge wire. This design makes the mattress more flexible and allows it to conform to the body. When shopping for a hybrid mattress, look for coils designed to work with a hybrid bed. While quality coils may drive the cost up a bit, they are worth the higher price point.

Number of Layers
As with a foam or latex bed, the quantity and type of layers used can impact the price. Foams with special cooling technology, for example, may be more expensive.

How Do Bed-in-a-Box Mattresses Compare?

Shopping for a mattress can be as daunting as shopping for a car. Beware that pricier, higher-end models do not necessarily mean you will be buying a better mattress. Many traditional mattress companies spend tons of money on overhead and advertising and pass those costs onto the consumer.

We’ve noticed an exciting shift in the industry as of late, with “bed-in-a-box” mattresses growing in popularity. And here’s something that may surprise you—often, a reasonably priced bed-in-a-box mattress will be just as good, if not better, than that well-known, over-advertised brands.

Please have a look at the table below to compare how much some of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses cost (all prices are for a queen-size):

Brand Name Price (Queen)*
Purple $1,200 - $2,400
Leesa $600 - $1,950
Casper $1,100 - $2,700
Lull $500 - $1,000
GhostBed $600 - $1,600

*Prices may not reflect current promos

All trademarks referred to are the property of their respective owners.

As you can see, the price of these mattresses varies wildly. This is due to the materials used and the number of layers each mattress has. For example, our GhostBed Classic has four layers of comfort, including a gel-memory layer for a cooler night’s sleep, while our GhostBed Luxe has seven layers of intelligently engineered comfort including our very own patent-pending cooling technology.

Investing in Your Sleep Pays off in Dividends

Luckily, finding a high-quality mattress doesn’t have to break the bank. We believe in delivering a good night’s sleep to as many people as possible and we make that accessible through our wide range of mattresses. Compare our mattresses here, or take our quick mattress quiz to find your perfect match!

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