Guide: Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers

Last Updated on July 10, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

I. Memory Foam Mattress Essentials

II. Cooling Mattress Necessities

III. Cooling Mattress Material Options

IV. Cool Mattress FAQ’s

V. GhostBed Cooling Mattress Reviews

Sleeping cool is a huge factor when attempting to get a great sleep. When seeking to purchase a cooling mattress it is important to understand one’s own needs and wants when it comes to the design options available.

Whether one has great air conditioning or sleeps in a hot attic room, all should purchase a mattress designed to cool as much as provide a comfy service to sleep on. No matter how comfortable a bed is upon first lay down, if it does not sleep cool the mattress can very quickly become a nightmare. Peaceful sleep is possible when one finds the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers.

I. Memory Foam Mattress Fundamentals


Memory foam mattresses are sought after for their comfort and relieving pain causing pressure. NASA invented traditional petroleum-based memory foam which is crafted from polyurethane. Mattress manufacturers have developed additional options for polyurethane composition.

Along with the original petroleum-based memory foam, mattresses are now being built using plant-based memory foam, and gel-infused memory foam.

  • The traditional petroleum-based memory foam is pure comfort when it comes to laying down on it. The problem is that the tighter closed-cell structure traps heat by not allowing air flow. People often complain of feeling wedged in the trapped heated up foam. The denser the foam, the worse the stuck sensation will be.
  • To make up the cooler gel infused foams, aqueous gel is mixed into polyurethane using either liquid or beads. The gel works by utilizing the room temperature to regulate it so that the mattress will feel cool.
  • A more organic approach to making memory foam is the use of plant-based foams to replace a percentage of the petroleum with botanically-sourced oils. By doing so they possibly have less of a chemical profile versus other polyurethanes. The temperature neutral plant-based foam is shown to be good at heat dispersing.


Density equals the weight of one cubic foot of memory foam, or a 12-inch cube. The density of memory foam can vary according to the make-up of the foam structure, as well as the number of polymers opposed to air. Memory foam densities can range from 2.5 pounds to 7.0 pounds, with the average being between 3.5 pound and 5.0 pounds.

Below 3.5 pounds foams are considered low density. Although they may rate cooler, the low-density foam mattresses tend to be less supportive and are shown to wear faster. These foams can be lower-priced due to the requirement of less material. Foams over 5.0 pounds are known as high-density. With cells sitting closely together they trap more heat as the foam snuggles the sleeper.


Heat retention can depend on how the mattress is constructed. The use of less material to make up thinner mattresses can make them sleep cooler, due to reduced amount of body molding. Building a mattress with foam layers designed specifically for support and cooling will contribute to a well-constructed cooling mattress. Add to the mattress the extra of a well-made cover that comes off for easy cleaning for a cooling mattress that is well constructed and easy to keep fresh.

II. Cooling Mattress Necessities

Advanced Cooling

In addition to the mattress basic construction, manufacturers are now taking care to design mattresses with advanced cooling capabilities. GhostBed has taken the lead by constructing their mattress with an adaptive cooling technology. A proprietary patent pending sensory cooling memory foam allows for the real-time cooling gel in GhostBed to be conform to each individual.


When seeking the best cooling mattress to purchase it is important to factor in durability. A well-constructed durable mattress will hold up for a full lifetime of comfort and support. Warranties are a key to what consumers should expect in durability of the mattress they are buying. Where most mattress companies provide a 10-year limited warranty, GhostBed proves to stand by the durability of their product by offering a 20-year limited warranty.


Polyurethane products are known to off-gas and produce bad odors. Memory foam mattresses often are reviewed to having odor issues. This was especially true when the mattresses first arrived on the market. Manufacturers are working on getting rid of odor issues with new foam formulations, along with density.


The price of a memory foam cooling mattress can be quite expensive when seeking quality and durability. Bed-in-a-box companies tend to offer better pricing than original brick-and-mortar stores. GhostBed has topped reviews for its six cooling mattress size options at very reasonable prices, with even the King sized priced at under $1000.

III.Cooling Mattress Material Options


Latex is a great foam for a cooling mattress material. This foam is temperature neutral, as it does not get hotter or colder based on the room temp. By not being a good heat conductor latex always feels the same temp. Latex is also known to be very durable, with many latex foams made aerated for breathability and cooling factors.

Gel Foams

Types of gel foams and gel infused foams can vary depending on design and construction. Gel works to cool by absorbing the heat to keep it away from the sleeper. The gel foams help regulate the mattress temperature for sleeping cool.

Memory Foam

With higher viscous and elastic properties, memory foam’s density tends to have issues when it comes to the dissipation of heat. The same factors that gives memory foam the comfortable contouring enjoyment also can trap heat. Manufacturers are now blending the coziness qualities of memory foam with latex and gel foams to give sleepers the best of a comfortable cool sleep.

Coils and Springs

The coil and spring mattress is considered the traditional bed type. These mattresses consist of coils and springs making up one or more layers. Either wrapped individually, or grouped together, the coils work with air to transfer heat away from body. Coils often make up a support layer in hybrid mattresses with foam layers on top.

IV. Cooling Mattress FAQ’s

Can I use an electric blanket with a cooling mattress?

Just as with a traditional mattress, an electric blanket can be used atop a cooling mattress. The electric blanket heat will not affect the cooling abilities of the bed as the outer mattress cover protects the inner cooling foam layers.

Can a mattress really-help someone sleep cooler?

As mattress companies battle to get the best reviews they are also working on winning over sleepers with better comfort designs. This includes building in cooling comfort technology to allow for a cooler rest and the most comfortable of sleep possible.

V. GhostBed Cooling Mattress Sleeper Reviews

Sleeping cool is a necessity for achieving a soothing night of sleep. When a mattress is too hot, one will find themselves waking during the night from heating up. When searching for a new bed, it is essential for one to seek out a cooling mattress designed for optimal comfort and durability.

GhostBed has crafted the perfect cooling mattress for dreamland, with real customers reviewing their experience.

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