Guide: Why Supima Cotton Sheets and What’s It All About?

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Last Updated on May 7th, 2020

Adding the most comfortable Supima sheets to the best memory foam mattress will assist in achieving the greatest sleep possible. Understanding what makes Supima cotton is all about will help one appreciate why Supima is the best cotton for sheets.
Buying quality sheets can get confusing when seeing the so many choices of cotton materials. When seeking cotton sheets one is faced with maneuvering through the different types of material, along with thread counts and varying prices. Supima cotton allows one to achieve the goal to buy the most comfortable and durable sheets that will work to provide a quality slumber.

I. What Is Supima Cotton?
II. Why Should I Use Supima Cotton?
III. Supima Cotton FAQs
IV. Where You Can Buy Supima Cotton
I. What is Supima Cotton?

Supima beats out all other cotton fibers for its strength and comfort factor. The wonderful natural fabric, that is 35-percent longer than common cottons, is viewed as the most premium of cottons at 45-percent stronger than other cotton fibers.

Regulated Cotton

Material called Supima is pima cotton that has been stringently regulated by the Supima Association. Only true Supima will have been verified for authenticity to be utilized for the pima cotton exclusive qualities it processes. The name brings together supreme with the pima cotton that the Supima is born from. Woven fibers and materials born from 100-percent American pima cotton are what make up the trademarked Supima cotton.

Made in the USA

The association works to strictly control the Supima cotton to assure that it does not have any lower quality fibers blended in with it. This luxurious cotton is guaranteed by the Supima association to only have been grown on U.S. soil. What makes pima cotton Supima are the extreme qualifications that it must meet, along with the verification of its U.S. supply chain.
Add to Supima’s amazing fabric qualities is that cotton is naturally friendly to the environment as an organically grown renewable resource.

Best Cotton Fiber

Supima is the best cotton for its acknowledged extra-long staple (ELS) designation of fibers of at least one and three-eighths long. The longer fiber permits for a spinning of the yarn to build a stronger fabric. The extraordinary strength of Supima allows for sheets to be crafted with a silky feel in a lighter weight.
Supima proves that thread-count does not matter when it comes to being exceptional. Sheets crafted from this material are softer, more breathable, and more durable than other kinds of cotton that depend on a heavier condensed thread-count.
The pima 50-percent longer than average cotton fibers are what Supima is made from. At a typical length of one and seven-sixteenths Supima makes the top of the list for the best cotton fabric.

II. Why Supima Cotton

With Supima being 45-percent stronger than regular cotton, it provides for the superior cotton to be lighter, more breathable, highly durable and softer.

1. Breathable

It is extremely important for one to seek out sheets in a cotton material that is highly breathable to improve quality sleep. If the sheets do not breath, then they will cause the sleeper to wake feeling hot and suffocated. Supima is woven with its longer fibers to allow for a lighter weight cotton sheet that is crafted to be breathable for a cooler sleep experience.

2. Durable

As sheets get used and washed the fibers that they are made from get worn out over time causing sheets to thin and tear. Supima attests to why a heavier, dense, thread-count is not necessary to be the most durable of sheet fabrics.
Supima gains strength with its longer-than-regular-cottons fiber. The longer fiber allows for a longer yarn to be made to build the fabric. This means that it will have a much longer-than-average wear-ability. Less pilling and tearing is seen in the sturdy Supima than viewed with inferior cottons.

III. Supima Cotton FAQs

How can I be sure the sheets I am buying are Supima cotton?

Read the product specifications and label. Brands, like GhostBed, that use the Supima cotton will refer to this luxurious material when describing their superior sheets.

What makes Supima better than Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is only an indication of what part of the world the fabric comes from and does not necessarily mean it is of higher excellence. Supima cotton is guaranteed by the Supima association to be an extra-long fiber cotton that is of premium quality made in the United States.

What sets Supima cotton apart from common regular cotton?

Regular cottons are commonly grown globally. These cottons have an average fiber length of 1-inch that are made into yarn that produces rougher sheets that are prone to pilling and tearing. Supima cotton fibers are typically 1.5-inches. The longer fiber produces a yarn that weave sheets that are softer and more durable.

How do I care for my Supima cotton sheets?

Although more luxurious than regular cotton, Supima is still cotton and easy to care for. Unlike regular cotton that will lose its strength with every wash, Supima sheets will retain their durability for a much longer period of time. In addition, with every wash your sheet will feel even softer and more sumptuous.

IV. Where You Can Buy Supima Cotton Sheets

Buying Supima sheets are easy. Just relax in the comfort of your own home and go online to shop. You can easily purchase Supima sheets online from a favorite retailer. Breathable GhostBed sheets are the perfect bedding to use to complete the comfort of a memory foam mattress and memory foam pillows.


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