Guide: Best Tips & Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Last Updated on March 24th, 2020

Are you a stomach sleeper? Read our comprehensive guide on the benefits of sleeping on your stomach along with some helpful sleeping tips.

I. Benefits for Stomach Sleepers
II. Positions for Stomach Sleepers and What They Mean
III. Stomach Sleeping Tips
IV. Stomach Sleeper FAQ’s
V. GhostBed Stomach Sleeper Reviews

Stomach sleepers are a rare breed numbering at only seven percent of sleepers. The stomach sleeper seems to just plop down and instantly fall into slumber, perhaps since it is can be a comfortable position. Unfortunately, these types of sleepers are trading comfort for an unhealthy way to slumber.

With all of one’s weight dropping to the stomach area, it puts more pressure on the spine. In order to help ease the tension added to the spine, it is important to seek out the best mattress for stomach sleepers. With the proper mattress sleep and pain will be improved.

I. Benefits for Stomach Sleepers

Although considered to be the worst sleeping position, stomach sleeping does have a couple of benefits as well. Those with back pain will want to refrain from laying on their stomachs. Accordingly, stomach sleeping will cause more back pain as it allows for the natural curve of the spine to flatten. It can also cause much neck pain since the head is forced to be turned to one side.

Yet the benefits for stomach sleepers are great for those who have digestive problems. Sleeping on the stomach helps to prevent heartburn making it a great position for digestion. Sleeping on the belly is also great for reducing snoring and sleep apnea.

II. Positions for Back Sleepers and What They Mean

Freefall Position

There is simply only one position for those sleeping on their stomachs and it is known as the freefall position. Experts sate that only seven percent of adult sleepers will sleep on their bellies.

People who enjoy stomach sleeping tend to be outgoing and brash. Although outgoing, stomach sleepers do not do well when being criticized for anything.

III. Stomach Sleeping Tips
  • Reduce back pain by slipping a pillow under the pelvis and hip area. This will help to take pressure off of the spine, allowing for the back to stay in a more natural position.
  • When sleeping on the stomach do not make the pain worse by bringing one leg up towards the side. By doing this you will only be twisting the lower back and hips to an even more unnatural position, resulting in more pain.
  • Make sure to never use a thick pillow when stomach sleeping. Sleeping with the head on a thin pillow, or no pillow, will allow for the head to be less severely angled, thus helping to prevent neck pain.
  • Make sure that you are like Goldilocks and have a mattress that is just right. Stomach sleepers need a bed that is neither too firm, nor too soft. A soft mattress will only have you sinking in causing the spine to arch the wrong way creating pain when waking up. Yet a very firm mattress cause the stomach sleepers spine to not fall in its natural position which will cause pain as well in the morning.
  • Those who have back pain may want to train themselves to move from stomach sleeping to a healthier side position. This is possible by using side pillows or a body pillow to support the body and coax it off of the stomach. The pillows next to the stomach will give you the sense of reassurance that you get when the stomach is touching the mattress.
IV. Stomach Sleeper FAQ’s

Is it bad to sleep on your stomach?

Unfortunately, the benefits of reducing snoring and sleep apnea do not outweigh the pain on the back and neck that stomach sleeping can cause. Pain can not only affect one’s sleep but it will affect your quality of life when awake too.
With most of your weight being supported only by the torso area when stomach sleeping, it does not allow for a natural position of the spine. With the spine out of alignment, it can also put pressure on nerves resulting in pinched nerves that can cause tingling and pain.
Also, adding to alignment problems and pain, is the fact that the neck must be sharply turned to one side when stomach sleeping. The sharp angle of the neck could eventually result in having herniated discs.

What is the best pillow for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleepers must think thin when shopping for the right pillow. Accordingly, do not use a pillow that has a lot of loft to it. The higher the pillow the more the head will be lifted forcing the spine and neck to be out of alignment.
The pillow should be solid in nature, keeping it from crushing and flattening quickly with the weight of the head. Along with being solid, the pillow must be supportive. A properly supportive pillow will help the head, neck and spine stay in the best alignment possible for a healthy sleep. Thin memory foam pillows are an excellent choice for stomach sleepers as they retain their shape and do not flatten out easily, yet are also very supportive.

Are there any accessories that will help aid stomach sleepers?

There is an array of body pillow positioning type products that will help make stomach sleeping ease back pain. There are contouring full body pillows that wrap around the body so one can mold them for support as needed. In addition, one can purchase complete positioning systems that allow one to lie face down, much like a massage table, while it also lifts the hips, for the ultimate of stomach sleeping support.

V. GhostBed Stomach Sleeper Reviews

Stomach sleepers need to take extra tender loving care to assure that they do not wake in pain caused by an out of alignment spine. With this in mind, it is extremely important to purchase the very best mattress for stomach sleepers that one can find. With stomach sleepers needing a mattress that is just the right mix of firmness and softness, the memory foam mattress is an excellent choice. Memory foam perfectly conforms to the body in a firm manner that will keep stomach sleepers comfortable, well rested and without pain.

GhostBed is an ideal mattress for stomach sleepers, with real customers reviewing their experience.


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