Why GhostBed

Why Choose GhostBed?

You have more choices than ever when it comes to finding the perfect mattress.
Here’s why you should pick us.

Make no bones about it — we know comfort

GhostBed is built by Nature’s Sleep, a mattress company that’s been around for 18 years and has sold more than 1 million sleep products. Your GhostBed is created here in the USA (scroll down to see exactly where we make them)!

Supportive yet soft, no matter how you sleep

Side sleeper? Back napper? Stomach snoozer? Whether you sleep belly up, face down or somewhere in between, GhostBed’s firm core and plush surface will help keep your pressure points happy. Plus, our patent-pending, cooling Phase Change material makes GhostBed a great choice for “hot sleepers” who are tired of waking up drenched in sweat.

GhostBed – We know comfort

3 options for longer and deeper sleep

About The GhostBed

The GhostBed Layers
  • 1Plush Cover — Smooth, soft cover made with a stretchy, durable blend of viscose and polyester.
  • 21.5” Aerated Latex Foam — The small holes in this top latex layer constantly pull heat away from the body for a cooler sleep.
  • 32” Gel Memory Foam — Our proprietary foam formula is created with larger cells than traditional memory foam. This layer helps transfer heat away from the body for cooler sleeping.
  • 47.5” High-Density Base — Our long-lasting, high-density foam core forms the foundation of your GhostBed. We developed the base to be firm enough for good spinal alignment without creating an uncomfortably hard-feeling mattress.
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About GhostBed Luxe

GhostBed Luxe Layers
  • 1½” Triple-Tech “Ghost Hug” Cooling Topper — First, a ½” of cooling fiber is woven into the topper.
  • 21″ Gel Memory Foam Formula — Next, 1” of our proprietary Gel Memory Foam formula is infused into the topper to transfer heat away from the body
  • 3Ghost Ice Fabric — Finally, we top it off with our cool-to-the-touch Ghost Ice Fabric.
  • 4Ghost Ice Layer — Cutting edge phase change technology captures heat, creating a cool sleeping.
  • 5Gel Memory Foam — Gel infused into the Memory Foam absorbs heat as it builds up then dissipates as fresh air passes through the foam.​​​​​​​
  • 6Ghost Bounce Layer — Exclusively ours- responsive like Latex, contouring like Memory Foam, yet resilient. The Ghost Bounce layer is as close as you can come to floating without leaving the ground.
  • 77.5” High-Density Base — Provides ideal support, durability and longevity. Your natural body temperature is 98.6°F. Throughout the night, the heat your body creates can become trapped in your mattress, creating an uncomfortably hot sleeping environment. That doesn’t happen with the GhostBed Luxe. Its core includes a layer of Phase Change Material, which absorbs and dissipates large amounts of heat without raising the temperature of the inner foam layers.
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About GhostBed Flex

GhostBed Luxe Layers
  • 1Cooling Cove — GhostBed Flex’s top layer includes advanced technology to keep you cool throughout the night.
  • 21” of Cooling Fiber — Woven directly into the cover to help create airflow. Topped with Ghost Cooling Fabric for a refreshing feel.
  • 31” of Gel Memory Foam — Cutting edge phase change technology captures heat, creating a cool sleeping.
  • 4Gel Memory Foam — A layer so nice, we did it twice. 1” of our special gel-infused Memory Foam absorbs and dissipates body heat as fresh air passes through the foam.​​​​​​​
  • 5Ghost Flex Soft Transition Foam — 1” of pure pressure relief. This layer of soft transition foam contours to your body and reduces the need to toss and turn.​​​​​​​
  • 6Individually Wrapped & Reinforced Support Coils — Individual coils offer the responsive support of traditional innerspring mattresses, without the worry of wearing out after just a few months. Additionally, the coils near the edge of GhostBed Flex are specially reinforced for better support — so you can sit on the edge of your bed without sliding off.
  • 7High Density Support Foam — A solid inch of foam underneath the coil layer gives extra support and durability.
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GhostBed vs. the Competition

We get it. You want to make sure you’re getting the right mattress for YOU — and that you won’t get stuck with a bad mattress you can’t return.

The GhostBed,
GhostBed Luxe &
GhostBed Flex
Other Online
Mattress Brands
In-Store Mattress
Price (Queen) $795 – 1285 $800 – 2,900 $1,800+
Sleep Trial Length 101 Nights 30 – 365 Nights 0 Nights
10+ Years in the Industry Some
Patent-Pending Cooling Technology
Free Shipping Some
Hassle-Free Returns Some
100% U.S. -Based Customer Service Team Some Some
Flexible Financing & Payment Options Some Some

Supernatural comfort at down-to-earth prices

GhostBed GhostBed
Price for Twin $545$445 $1145$995 $1045$895 $595 – $2400 $1100+
Price for Twin-XL $745$645 $1350$1200 $1250$1100 $645 – $2400 $1300
Price for Full $920$820 $1470$1320 $1375$1225 $895 – $2750 $1500+
Price for Queen $995$895 $1575$1375 $1485$1285 $995 – $2900 $1800+
Price for King $1175$1075 $1885$1685 $1785$1585 $1195 – $3600 $2000+
Price for Cal-King $1195$1095 $1925$1725 $1825$1625 $1195 – $3600 $2000+

Over 500,000 Happy Customers

William W. from Cincinnati OH, did a lot of research to choose the right mattress to replace his old foam mattress. William has been getting an amazing night sleep after sleeping on the GhostBed!

Andrea from Minneapolis, MN – Bought the GhostBed after doing extensive research and looking at over 30 different companies. This has been the best decision and has been sleeping amazing for over a month now.

Watch the GhostBed Unboxing video and see how easy setup is! Just unbox the GhostBed, roll it on the bed and you’re ready to snooze!

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Awarded for “Best Cooling Mattress”

Review sites like Sleepopolis.com, Tuck.com, and ChooseMattress.com all say that GhostBed is the coolest mattress around. Which we knew already, but it’s still nice to hear.

Best Mattress Awards

GhostBed is built to last

Every GhostBed is built around a high-density foam core that won’t sag, droop, or split. The GhostBed Classic’s aerated foam layer also means that more air circulates around your body as you sleep, keeping you cool

In 2017, we improved on perfection by introducing the GhostBed Luxe — a high-tech mattress constructed with patent-pending Phase Change material, which helps regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

Our mattresses are also backed by a longer-than-average 20-year warranty. (And unlike most other online mattress makers, we’ve actually been around long enough to back that up.)

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Getting your GhostBed is painless — buy with confidence!

With our 101-Night Sleep Trial, free shipping, and hassle-free returns, you’ve got nothing to risk when you give GhostBed a try. The only thing you’ll regret is not doing it sooner.

Read more about the 101-night sleep trial >> how do returns work?

Your GhostBed ships within 24-hours from one of our 8 facilities so it gets to you super-fast within 2-5 days!

Combine GhostBed with our Industry Leading
Adjustable Base for Ultimate Comfort

  • Elevate your head to any position
  • Multiple Pre-set positions
  • Underbed LED Lighting
  • Dual Head and Foot Message
  • USB Ports on Both Sides
  • Unlimited Foot Positions
GhostBed Adjustable Base for Ultimate Comfort

Allow us to apologize in advance for making it even harder to get out of bed.

Introducing the GhostBed Adjustable Base: all the luxury of a premium adjustable bed base at thousands less off other manufacturers’ prices.

Use the wireless remote control to position your bed literally any way you like, while enjoying simultaneous head and foot massage. Your Adjustable Bed Base includes…

  • Choose from 15 whisper-quiet massage modes — Drift off to sleep with a comforting head and foot massage
  • Enjoy easy pre-set positions for lounging and watching TV
  • Experience Zero Gravity Mode — feel weightless with the touch of a button
  • Charge your devices in bed thanks to USB ports on each side
  • And… never stub your toe in the dark again with soft, glowing under-bed LED lights!

Why Choose an Adjustable Bed Base?

  • Relieve nighttime acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD
  • Soothe chronic neck and back pain
  • Easily sit up to nurse your baby
  • Enjoy a little extra assistance getting up and out of bed
  • Recover from surgery or medical procedures without using pillows to prop yourself up
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GhostBed Adjustable Temper Ergo Plus Sleep Number Flexfit 3 Leggett and Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite
Price (Queen) $999 $1999 $2399 $1799
Lifetime Warranty
Dual Foot & Head Massage
Minimal Setup
Underbed LED Lighting
Flexible Financing & Payment Options
Ships in 24 Hours
100% U.S.-Based Customer Service Team

Shopping made easy

  • With GhostBed’s flexible Affirm financing options, you can put $0 down on your brand-new bed and pay as low as 0% APR financing.
  • Buy now, start sleeping better, and pay later. Because no one who needs a new mattress should have to wait.

Great team, excellent customer service

When you buy from GhostBed, not only are you supporting a USA-based company, you’re supporting a team of truly great humans (and a few ghosts).

Meet the GhostBed Customer Care team

Our team includes dozens of friendly customer service experts. They’re here to give you all the information you need to help you decide on the right mattress for you.

During your 101-Night Sleep Trial, our care team also makes sure your new GhostBed is as comfortable and cozy as you dreamed. If it’s not, help is just a chat or phone call away.

Meet GhostBed Founder Marc Werner

After undergoing three neck surgeries, Marc knew what it was like to live and sleep in constant pain.

In 2001, after searching fruitlessly for a comfortable pillow and mattress that supported his neck and back, he decided to invent his own. That’s when he founded Nature’s Sleep.

Fast-forward to 2010, when Nature’s Sleep introduced GhostBed. Our goal was simple: Make it even easier to find your ideal mattress, by eliminating pushy salespeople, inaccurate in-store “tests,” and flimsy warranties.

Still Undecided?

Choose The GhostBed if…

  • GhostBed is supportive

    You’re in search of a soft yet supportive mattress to alleviate your back, neck, or joint pain

  • GhostBed minimal motion

    You want a bed that’s springy enough to move around on, but with minimal motion transfer so your partner doesn’t wake up when you move

  • GhostBed uninterrupted sleep

    You’d do anything for a night of uninterrupted, deep sleep

– $995 – $895

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Choose GhostBed Luxe if…

  • GhostBed sleeping cool

    Sleeping cool is a major priority in your house

  • GhostBed plush top

    You like the sound of the soft yet supportive GhostBed, but you prefer a plusher top

  • GhostBed sweat free

    You’re tired of waking up drenched in sweat

– $1575 – $1375

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Choose GhostBed Flex if…

  • GhostBed sleeping cool

    You’re making the switch from a traditional innerspring mattress

  • GhostBed plush top

    You want a blend of coil-based support and foam-based comfort

  • GhostBed sweat free

    You want a mattress that contours to your body without making you feel “sunk in”

– $1575 – $1375

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Your GhostBed purchase is covered by our 101-Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial