Cooling Pillow Technology and Benefits

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Trying to sleep while hot and sweating can be a huge cause of the nightmare of broken sleep. Night sweats is a problem that pillow manufacturers are working on alleviating. New inventive pillow cooling technology products to promote a cool peaceful sleep have been developed. With breathable innovative material, and pillows composed of gels and water, working up a sweat no longer needs to be an issue that puts a damper on peaceful dream time.

I: History of Night Sweats

II: Benefits of Cooling Pillow

III: Types of Cooling Pillows

IV: Cooling Pillow FAQs

V: Purchase a Cooling Pillow for a Great Night Sleep

I: History of Night Sweats

The head runs hotter than any other part of the body so when the temps are high at night the head will seek a cool place to rest. When the sweat begins, sleep is inevitably broken. As the pillow gets hot the pillow flipping begins as the one seeking sleep searches out a cool place to rest his or her head.

Finding a cooling pillow solution is not just a modern-day problem, but an issue that people have been seeking an answer to throughout history and cultures. The term, “Sleeping like a rock,” could possibly be a term referring as far back as 7000 BCE when ancient pillows crafted from stone were used by Egyptians.

Although it is said that the early pillows use was to prevent bugs from crawling onto faces, these first stone pillows provided cooling qualities to help with peaceful sleep as well. With the belief that a soft object could take energy away from the body as a person sleeps, the Chinese used pillows crafted from not only stone, but also wood, metal, and porcelain. A pillow made of jade stone was extra special as it was thought to give one more intelligence.

Ultimately, the energy believed stolen from the body, not sleeping on a hard surface, was probably due to the loss of sleep from the heated-up head. In modern day people are finding pillow cooling benefits in the form of a good night’s sleep. Cooling pillows certainly aid in better sleep, which leads to energy production, and a better quality of life of more productive days.

II: Benefits of a Cooling Pillow

Aids in falling asleep quickly

When the weather is hot attempting to fall asleep can be an athletic event of tossing and turning trying to find a cool surface to rest the head upon. Cooling pillows allow for a surface to cool the head and lull the body to drift off quickly to sleep and to stay asleep.

Can calm insomnia

Waking during the night and not being able to fall back to sleep can be torture. Night sweats, particularly found with hormonal ups and downs, add to creating insomnia problems. The cooling pillow can aid by keeping the head cool during the night which will help curb the excessive night sweats. Sleeping on a cooling pillow may be the answer to stopping insomnia caused by night sweats.

Improves mental health

A proper amount of sleep is the best medicine for good mental health. When sleep is broken and lost energy is depleted from the body and one is faced depression caused by the lack of rest. Using a cooling pillow, along with a peaceful sleeping environment, will allow for the best sleep possible. Mental health is enhanced with each day that the body and mind are well rested.

Keeps you looking younger

Nothing like a bad night’s sleep to age the face. Just as the body losses energy from lack of sleep the face begins drooping with a tired aged appearance. A cooling pillow will increase the quality of sleep and in turn lift the appearance of the face and body.

Aids in avoiding metabolic diseases

Lack of quality sleep can lead to a batch of metabolic types of diseases. These risks include developing diabetes mellitus, stroke, and heart disease. Studies have determined that the danger for getting a metabolic disease doubles due to those suffering form not enough sleep. A cooling pillow may be a simple remedy to helping stop the increase of these issues.

III: Types of Cooling Pillows

Water Pillows

Inside the normal looking foam, polyester, or down pillow is a layer of water protected by a shield. The shield keeps body heat away from the water allowing for the water to work its cooling abilities. There are water pillows that have a gel component as well to increase cooling abilities.

Gel Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are amazing for their ability to aid in a comfortable night’s sleep by contouring to the head, neck, and shoulders. However, the original memory foam product tended to run hot. Manufacturers have taken notice and worked hard to create cooling memory foam pillows and mattresses by adding a layer of gel. The padded gel layer on the pillow allows for the heat, radiating form the head and neck resting on it, to be absorbed and circulated. Air works to naturally cool the gel and keeping the pillow from getting hot as one sleeps.

Breathable Pillows

These types of pillows are crafted to allow for the air to flow easily throughout the fill. Moisture is diffused throughout the entire pillow, allowing for evaporation, keeping it from building up and making the surface hot. By being breathable it allows for cooling.Down Pillows filled with the airy feathers of the bird’s belly are a natural breathable option. Be aware that fluffing will be needed, and if you get feather, instead of down, the quills may poke out and wake you.Buckwheat pillows are crafted to be totally eco-friendly. The air naturally flows within the buckwheat hulls that fill the pillow. This pillow is the organic option to foam and other pillows for its natural ability of less heat retention as well as its supportive qualities. Note that buckwheat pillows can be heavy.Microbead pillows are a breathable lightweight option to the buckwheat. These are made from tiny beads of polystyrene like one would find in a bean bag. The microbead pillows promote air flow with no heat retention, therefore allowing for a cool sleep.

Combination Cooling Pillows

With improved cooling technology, many manufacturers are combining several cooling types to make the ultimate pillow to keep the head cool. GhostPillow has combined a breathable factor of cool burst airflow technology to their memory foam pillows, and have finished them with a performance fabric crafted to remove moisture build up.

IV: Cooling Pillow FAQs

What kind of pillow cases can I use with cooling pillows?

Some pillow types come with their own zippered covers that can be removed for weekly washing. If a pillow case is desired than opt for a natural 100 percent cotton that will breath as the cooling effect takes place.

How often does a cooling pillow need to be replaced with a new pillow?

Pillows generally should be replaced every one to two years. This is due to health reasons from skin and hair oils and residue build up on the pillows. Remember to clean your cooling pillow regularly, at least twice a year, following manufacturer’s directions. Once you feel as if the pillow is breaking down in quality, or the cooling ability is no longer working as it once did, it may be a sign to purchase a new cooling pillow.

V. Conclusion

For a great night of sleep one should definitely consider purchasing a cooling pillow, such as the GhostPillow. These types of headrests with pillow cooling technology have been proven to work to aid in keeping away the night sweats. With the many options and choices, it is certain that a cooling pillow will not only provide a cooler night of sleep, but also the support needed for keeping the body as free from aches and pains as possible.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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