GhostBed vs. Purple Mattress Review

Last Updated on August 2, 2020

Bed-in-the-box mattresses have become popular with their ease of delivery and lower cost for a quality bed. As people search for mattresses to order they find an abundance of memory foam and hybrid choices. With companies striving to win over consumers, new materials have been added to entice people to buy the most comforting of mattresses that will bring the best of sleep.

Best Overall Mattress

The mattress wars have gained momentum with manufacturers researching and developing beds utilizing 21st-century technology. GhostBed continuously wins out in being an overall best competitor crafted with its three layers of superior materials that work together for cooling comfort. The 11-inch tall GhostBed certainly towers over the 9.5-inch tall Purple in height as well as appeal. Although Purple does okay with comfort it’s unique construction cannot beat GhostBed when it comes to sinkage and durability. Add the GhostBed’s 20-year warranty versus Purple’s 10 year and GhostBed comes out the clear winner over Purple for best mattress.

Chart that breaks down the Pros and Cons


Compiled as per Real Mattress Reviews & Mattress Guides

Please Note: Real Mattress Reviews & Mattress Guides have a scale out of 5

GhostBed Purple
I. Price (Mattress Guides) 5.0 4.0
II. Materials/Durability (Real Mattress Reviews) 4.8 4.0
II. Comfort (Real Mattress Reviews) 4.9 4.2

Compiled as per Mattress Advisor

Please Note: Mattress Advisor has a scale out of 10

GhostBed Purple
IV. Warranty (Mattress Advisor) 10.0 9.0
V. Trial Period (Mattress Advisor) 10 9.0

GhostBed vs Purple Comparison Features

GhostBed Purple
Price $995 $746 *$1099
Warranty 20 Years 10 Years
Sleep Trial 101 Nights 100 Nights
Mattress Height 11" Height 9.5" Height
Recommended by Consumer Reports 77 Rating 76 Rating
Costco Reviews & Rating 1,206 Reviews
4.3 Rating
Free Shipping Yes Yes
Free Returns Yes Yes

Adjustable Base Comparison

GhostBed Purple
Price (Queen) $1199 $899 $1499
Lifetime Warranty Yes No
Zero Gravity Position Yes Yes
# of Massage Modes 15 5
Ships in 24-hours Yes No

No longer does one need to spend a day shopping from store to store for a comfortable mattress. Memory foam type mattresses now allow for a bed to be shrink wrapped into a small box to be delivered to one’s doorstep. This presents the ability for one to shop from the comfort of his or her home. With the assistance of Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides, Real Mattress Reviews & Mattress Advisor – shoppers will get the aid of experts in deciding between GhostBed and Purple.

I. Price

Size GhostBed Purple
Twin $545 $409 $649
Twin XL $745 $559 $749
Full $995 $746 $949
Queen $1,095 $821 $1099
Traditional Size
$1,250 $938 $1399
Cal King
Longer but Narrow
$1,275 $956 $1399

II. Materials/Durability


Both the GhostBed and Purple are comprised of three layers plus a removable cover. At only 9.5-inches high the Purple mattress lacks in stature as well as the hefty durable bottom layer that the GhostBed provides.

A 1.5-inch continuous aerated latex foam top layer crafted to specifically not retain heat sits under GhostBed’s quilted outer cover. Two-inches of a gel memory foam layer designed to comfort the body for a cooler night’s sleep sits in the middle. For extra support, durability, and longevity GhostBed created a 7.5-inch base layer from high density foam.

For durability, Real Mattress notes:

“The materials used in the mattress are of a good quality, once you’re laying down for a bit the Gel memory foam layer reacts a bit more and it feels softer then you might think right at your first lay on the mattress.”

Purple is unique with its pressure-erasing 2-inch Smart Comfort Grid top layer. The grid is comprised from a combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials that certainly give the bed an interesting feel when laying on it. Air flow channels are built-in to provide cooler sleeping. Its middle layer of 3.5-inches polyurethane foam works with the smart grid to provide transitional and deep compression support. The 4-inch bottom layer of the Purple is crafted from a denser polyurethane foam to work strictly as a foundation. Noted by the Real Mattress Reviewer regarding Purple’s unique design’s durability:

“I don’t like the idea that the design is not proven for longevity.”

Both GhostBed and Purple have covers that look great and can be removed for cleaning. Although both covers can be machine washed it is recommended by both manufactures that they be spot cleaned with cold water and a mild detergent.

III. Comfort


When shopping for a mattress a key factor is always comfort. Although comfort can be subjective for each individual’s particular needs and wants, overall comfort is about a mattress that is supportive to provide the best sleep possible.

GhostBed certainly rates higher in comfort than Purple. It works to sleep cool while also providing pressure relief and quick response to one’s body as it moves. The medium firmness allows for contouring of the body whether sleeping on the back, side, or stomach.

GhostBed’s top latex layer allows for good bounce without a stuck feeling to allow for easy movement. Heavier sleepers will appreciate the extra foam base of GhostBed to give them comfort without a feeling of bottoming out.

Real Mattress notes about GhostBed’s comfort:

“The mattress had good body contouring without being too soft. You don’t have that “stuck” feeling I’ve experienced with some memory foam beds and that’s the point of having the latex on the top layer.”

Purple works well to sleep cool as well as relieve pressure. Like GhostBed, Purple is a medium firmness mattress that provides sleep comfort for all sleep positions. The Purple is noted to have poor edge support, as well as lack of loft in height that can give a heavier person a sense of bottoming out as indicated by Real Mattress:

“The edge support for me was an issue where the grid collapses outward and makes you feel less supported on the edge. I also feel like the mattress is able to bottom out pretty easily and the foam core was rather squishy.”

IV. Warranty

20-Year Warranty
10-Year Warranty

Comparing the warranty’s from GhostBed and Purple one will certainly rate the GhostBed Mattress 20-year warranty over Purple’s 10-year warranty.

GhostBed continuously comes out on top when it comes to standing behind its mattress. The company promises to fully replace the mattress if found to have a defect in the first ten years of ownership to the original owner. For years 11 through 20 of ownership GhostBed provides additional coverage and protection, stating that they will either repair a defected mattress or replace it at a prorated cost.

Purple offers a 10-year limited warranty covering defects as detailed in their warranty guide. Their warranty only applies to original owner.

V. Trial Period


At only one extra day of trial period, GhostBed’s 101-night trial versus Purple’s 100-night is virtually the same. Both companies suggest that one sleeps on the mattress for at least 30 nights to get a real feel of comfort to make a truly informed decision. If there is a desire to return, both GhostBed and Purple will pick up the mattress at no cost and fully reimburse the consumer for the price paid for the bed – as long as the customer requested a return within the allotted trial period.


Quality • Comfort • Cooling

From $545 $409

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