Best Pillow for Side Sleepers: What to Look For

Last Updated on May 13, 2024

by Marc Werner, Founder - GhostBed

Did you know the majority of people sleep on their sides? If you’re one of them, you know how important the right pillow can be.

Sleeping on the side of your body creates a large gap between your head, shoulder and the bed. Without the right support, that gap (and the resulting pressure) can cause all kinds of aches and pains.

At GhostBed, we want you to wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free, so we’re sharing everything you need to know about the best pillow for side sleepers.

Couple lying on their sides on GhostPillows.

When Side Sleeping Causes Pain

One of our veteran Sleep Experts, Greg, helps customers in our Florida showroom. He often works with side sleepers who come into the store with achy bodies.

Unfortunately, sleeping on your side puts concentrated pressure on your shoulders, jaw, ribcage, arm and more.

If you’re sleeping with the wrong pillow, you may also be sleeping with your shoulder pushed toward your neck, causing additional discomfort.

Thankfully, the right mattress and pillow can solve many of these issues. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, check out our guide on choosing the best mattress (and more) for side sleepers.

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

Most side sleepers feel the best with a dense pillow. Unlike their counterparts who sleep on their backs and stomachs, side sleepers need something substantial to fill the space between their head and the bed.

At GhostBed, our GhostPillow - Shredded and GhostPillow - Gel Memory Foam are made with side sleepers in mind. Both of these pillows are bulky enough to keep your head and spine aligned while you lie on your side, so your neck isn’t doing anything funky (or painful)!

These pillows are especially helpful for supporting your body if you opt for a softer mattress (which many side sleepers do).

Dense pillows are also awesome for placing between your knees to keep your whole body in alignment as you lie on your side.

Woman lying with GhostPillows under her head and between her knees.

Choosing Between the GhostPillow - Shredded and GhostPillow - Gel Memory Foam

Can’t decide between our Shredded memory foam and Gel Memory Foam pillows?

If you have a lot of jaw or neck pain while lying on your side, our Gel Memory Foam pillow may be a great choice for you. It’s designed to cradle and contour to your face and neck, so your jaw is supported no matter how much you toss and turn.

Gel memory foam pillow from GhostBed.

GhostPillow - Gel Memory Foam

Cooling and contouring memory foam pillow designed to provide excellent support and comfort for a restful night's sleep.

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If you like to sleep with a pillow between your knees to stabilize your hips and keep your body aligned, you might prefer the GhostPillow - Shredded.

This special pillow allows you to add and remove memory foam to create the perfectly-sized pillow for you. So it’s great for customizing to fit the unique alignment needs of your body.

Shredded memory foam pillow from GhostBed.

GhostPillow - Shredded

Luxurious and supportive memory foam pillow filled with shredded gel-infused memory foam for optimal comfort and cooling.

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Many side sleepers grab a couple of each type of pillow and use them in combination for the most comfortable sleep. We run awesome sales on our pillows all the time for this reason.

Other Types of Pillows

If you recently purchased a softer pillow, like our GhostPillow - Faux Down, know that it may still work for your body. Everyone is different!

If you do find that you need something denser, you can try folding the pillow in half or stacking a couple of softer pillows on top of one another.

Or, if your GhostPillow is still within its 101-day sleep trial, reach out to our Sleep Experts. They’ll be happy to help.

Marc Werner - Founder, GhostBed

Marc Werner

Founder - GhostBed

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Marc has spent the last two decades designing & manufacturing mattresses and other sleep products, drawing on a lifetime of experience working with the material sciences. With several patents to his name, he works closely with the GhostBed team to create products with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Learn More

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