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    You’re unique and sleep is personal. We’re confident sleeping on a GhostBed will change your life that we invite you to try it for 101 Nights.

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    Your life with GhostBed

    Your life with GhostBed starts out from the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time going to a mattress store to see this week’s discount options. With a few clicks you can order your GhostBed and start your 101 Night Risk-Free sleep trial.

    • Save Time. You can order your GhostBed in under 3 minutes.
    • Why Pay A Salesman? Cut out the unnecessary costs.
    • Pay on your terms. 1 time or monthly flex pay options.

    Your Time Sleeping on GhostBed Only Gets Better

    GhostBed’s advanced technology ensures that your sleep only gets better with time. As your body adjusts to Premium Latex, Gel Cooling Memory Foam and Lumbar Support Foundation Foam.

    First Night

    The first day of the rest of your (sleep) life start now. Prepare to experience premium luxury

    Night 28

    Life is just a bit brighter. Your performing better at work, feeling rested and have a new kick in your step

    Night 43

    Your body will be fully adjusted to the GhostBed. Going to bed is now the favorite part of your day

    Night 62

    Time flies when you’re sleeping well. You’ve discovered that your favorite sleeping position is now every position

    Night 93

    The mere thought of parting with your GhostBed is the only nightmare you could possibly have

    Night 101

    The only thought you will have is “why didn’t I start this sleep trial sooner?”

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