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Adjusted to Perfection

Make your bedroom your haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Alleviating acid reflux, joint pain, and back pain, sleeping in an adjusted position can dramatically improve your sleep and health.

GhostBed does it again — The highest quality, most affordable Adjustable Power Base Bed Frame on the market.

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Affordable Luxury at Your Fingertips

Complete with full head and foot adjustability, the GhostBed Adjustable Power Base Bed Frame provides infinite ergonomic positions, whisper-like quiet massage technology, under-bed LED lighting, USB ports, wireless remote control and more.

Interactive Massage Units

Target aches & pains directly with dual acting massage settings.

Under-Bed LED Lights

Illuminate your space at the touch of a button.

USB Ports on Each Side

Recharge your sleep and your battery.

Product Details

Remote Functions


Pricing & Sizes


Price: $799

Dimensions: 38″ x 80″ x 15″ 122 lbs

Box Dimensions: 41″ x 40.5″ x 9″


Price: $999

Dimensions: 60″ x 80″ x 15″ 145 lbs

Box Dimensions: 61″ x 40.5″ x 9″


Price: $1598

Dimensions: 76″ x 80″ x 15″ 244 lbs TOTAL

GhostBed Adjustable Power Base Bed Frame

Contemporary Style Charcoal Grey Fabric

100% Steel Constructed Frame

Max Weight: 750 lbs.

Steel Retainer Bar to keep mattress in place

Anti-Skid Decking

Steel Retainer Bar to keep mattress in place

Matted Coat Finish

Wireless Backlit Remote

15 Massage Modes

3 Preset Positions (TV. Zero Gravity. Lounge)

2 Recessed Massage Units

6 Tubular Steel Legs, 12″ each

110 VOLT Plug + Battery Backup

Download the Manual

Health Benefits

  • Head Elevation: A slightly elevated head opens breathing passages, allowing for air to flow more freely which may reduce snoring
  • Foot Elevation: Raising your feet releases pressure on the lower spine, increases blood circulation, and soothes tired achy feet.
  • Massage: Dual interactive massage therapy stimulates blood flow, bringing more oxygen to overworked body parts and ultimately reducing tension & muscle fatigue.
  • Zero Gravity Position: This position balances the effect of gravity across your body. With less pressure the heart does not work as hard to circulate blood which increases lung capacity, blood oxygen levels and spinal decompression.
  • Acid Reflux Relief: Lying flat can cause stomach acids to move to the esophagus, and cause acid reflux or heartburn. Elevating your upper body by 6 to 8 inches helps to retain these stomach acids, and relieve nausea.
  • Asthma & Snoring: Straight, horizontal sleeping can restrict breathing passages and block air from reaching vital organs. Adjustable beds have been proven by the FDA to open airways, prevent asthma attacks during sleep, and even reduce snoring throughout the night.
  • Insomnia: Many who suffer from insomnia find that the root reason is due to limited uncomfortable sleeping positions. On an adjustable base, there’s infinite ergonomic positioning to choose from. Finding the right elevated position for your body can dramatically improve blood circulation and oxygen levels, thus alleviating insomnia and leaving you with nothing but zzzz’s.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Engineered with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials, your Adjustable Power Base Bed Frame is supported with an industry-leading Lifetime Limited warranty.

Extended Warranty Available

For added protection, GhostBed offers an extended warranty for peace of mind to protect your investment even longer.

Free shipping

Your order ships fast and free — an Adjustable In A Box™ delivered right to your door.


Just like our GhostBed Mattresses, the adjustable base come to you in a box and is delivered to your door by FedEx.

The best mattress would be either the GhostBed or the GhostBed Luxe mattress. Mattress types that work well with an adjustable power foundation are all memory foam and latex mattresses, and most innersprings. Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses are ideal for adjustable power foundations as they are flexible and highly adaptable to the base’s positions and elevations. Some Innerspring mattresses may or may not be as flexible and will vary on pressure points and comfort based on their construction.

Absolutely, any place a regular foundation/boxspring fits, so does the GhostBed Adjustable Base. Even if you have a headboard and footboard with side rails and slats, our Adjustable base will slip right in place.

Your adjustable power base bed frame will arrive at your door pre-assembled with just a few additional steps. Simply un-box the folded frame on a flat floor upside down, slide the locking frame bolts to keep the mechanism in place and finally attach the legs and retainer bar. That’s it! No tools, no worries, no problem. Click here to view the manual for instructions.

A single King size mattress traditionally had two boxsprings to make moving the bed easier. Having two Twin XL adjustable power base not only makes delivery and moving of bed easier, but also can be synced together to be used for one King mattress or used independently for a Split King bed.

  1. Two bases equal twice the built-in power ports for charging USB devices
  2. Two bases allow for each side to have individualized options, such as massage and zero gravity, instead of just single features in the middle
  3. Two bases allow for an easier move, whether just around in the room or to a new home
  4. Two bases give the option to work independently with two remotes, or easily sync for one remote to be used to position up and down as one large King bed
  5. Two bases are perfect for fulfilling individualized needs for couples sharing a bed

Twin XL (38” x 80”)

Queen (60” x 80”)

King (76” x 80”) – King Adjustable Base comes as 2-Twin XL’s.


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