Memory Foam Mattress in a Box

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Last Updated on March 24th, 2020

The bed in a box memory foam mattress is simple to order, quickly packed and shipped for easy unboxing and setup.

Along with the invention of the wonderful comfortable memory foam mattress a new phenomenon has also been created known as the bed in a box. One no longer must travel to a brick and mortar store to try out a mattress as if buying a car. We now have the wonderful option of ordering on-line to receive a memory foam mattress in a box delivered right to your doorstep just as any other parcel.

REASON 1: Ordering Made Easy
REASON 2: Packed For Easy Unboxing
REASON 3: Shipped Quickly
REASON 4: Setting Up For Sleep
REASON 1: Ordering Made Easy

Ordering the mattress in a box is very easy and worry free. Most mattress in a box companies offer multiple sizes including twin, XL twin, full, queen, king and California king. Once the order is placed your mattress will be neatly packed in a box. Generally, the bed in a box mattress will be shipped out quickly for you to receive in a matter of just a few days.

REASON 2: Packed For Easy Unboxing

The memory foam mattress is easily manipulated to be folded and vacuum sealed. With this process the mattress is compressed to a size that fits neatly packed into a box that is around 23-inches by 20-inches and 39-inches high. The wonderful size of box allows for you to have a larger mattress in spaces that may have been prohibitive before such as in rooms up narrow staircases and around tight corridors.

REASON 3: Shipped Quickly

With a quick turnaround time, once the order is placed the mattress is boxed right away and readied to ship out. Most memory foam mattress in a box orders are shipped from factory to doorstep via services such as Fed-Ex. There is no need for one to arrange for someone to be home as your box will be left at your home, as with any other parcel, ready for you to open and enjoy.

REASON 4: Stting Up for Sleep

Excitement awaits as you anxiously open your boxed mattress. Before unpacking move the box to the desired room that is to be home to your new memory foam mattress. Open the top of the box and you will see your mattress neatly folded and sealed in its plastic wrapping. Pull the sealed mattress out of the box to ready it to be opened. Carefully cut the plastic compressing the bed. As the wrapping falls away the mattress will open as if inflating, unfolding and coming alive. Simply place the mattress on the foundation waiting for it and you will instantly have a showroom perfection memory foam mattress ready to be made up for sleep.

You will want to note that the mattress may feel firm at first. The bed will adjust with one’s body the more nights it is slept on and soon aches and pains will be noticeably reduced. Along with most bed in a box mattresses months of trial nights are offered in order to permit one to really get a feel of their new mattress. The free 101 Night Sleep Trial offered by GhostBed specifically allows for plenty of time to totally test and try out their new memory foam mattress. With a great trial period one receives the nights they need to get used to a new mattress so that they may truly appreciate its benefits. If not totally satisfied, then GhostBed will pick up the mattress at no cost and for a full refund.


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