Mattress Size Chart – King, Queen & Twin mattress comparison

So it is time for a new mattress and perhaps also time for you to rethink the mattress size that you want. No longer are there just the basic twin, full, queen and king, there are also a couple of more choices of mattress sizes added to the mix and confusion. Prior to shopping for the perfect bed it is important to analyze specific wants, needs and size of area that the mattress will be making home.

Bed Size Comparisons

Most spend their childhood sleeping in a singular twin. Some even were given the luxury of a larger full size bed as a child, but when it comes to buying a new mattress or mattresses for your home as an adult it is important to understand the different size dimension of beds that are available in order to make a well informed decision.

Twin XL11″38″80″
King Traditional Size11″76″80″
Cal King Longer but Narrow11″72″84″
Twin Bed – 39″ x 74″ (inches)

The twin size mattress is usually the perfect bed for the child to young adult. At 39-inches wide by 74-inches long this compact sized mattress will sleep one person comfortably. Often two twin beds are used in rooms that siblings share. This is also the common size of mattress for a lovely day bed in a guest room as well.

Twin XL Twin Bed – 38″ x 80″ (inches)

The extra-long, XL, twin size bed is more commonly known for being used in dorm rooms. This 38-inches wide by 80-inches long mattress adds a few inches to the more common twin size in order for a taller adult to sleep comfortably. It should also be noted that two XL twin beds placed together are approximately the same size as the common King size bed. This is perfect for mates who want to sleep together but prefer different types of mattresses.

Full Bed – 54″ x 74″ (inches)

Full size mattresses are often referred to as double beds. These mattresses that are 54-inches wide by 74-inches long work well for one person but can fit two cozily for smaller sized rooms. Often this is a good transition mattress to update a child’s room to a more adult themed décor as the young one reaches high school age.

Queen Bed – 60″ x 80″ (inches)

The Queen sized bed, at 60-inches wide by 80-inches long, is a most popular sized mattress for its ability to sleep two mates together comfortable as well as being able to fit into most room sizes. This mattress has become so popular that many also opt to use it in a child’s room that is on the larger size.

King Bed – 76″ x 80″ (inches)

If you like your space when sleeping next to a mate, then opt for the 76-inches wide by 80-inches long King Bed. You will want to make sure that your room’s dimensions will accommodate this larger bed size. For those who opt for this bed and need a traditional foundation, note that two split box springs are used in order to allow them to be moved more easily around tight hallways and stairs. This is also a great sized bed for those inviting the pets and kids in to sleep or to just enjoy a Sunday morning tradition of family bed time.

California King Bed – 72″ x 84″ (inches)

Slightly narrower and a bit longer than the traditional King bed, the California King bed is gaining popularity. This 72-inches wide by 84-inches long bed is perfect for taller people who could use a longer bed to sleep more restfully. As adjustable bases have grown in acceptance, for more than those needing a hospital type bed, this size mattress has become a common mate with its extra length allowing for head and feet to be elevated comfortably.

Room Size

When choosing your new mattress be aware of the size of the room that you will be placing it in. Measure your room and furnishings and plot on graph paper your floor plan with doors and windows. Make sure that the King size bed that you are dreaming about will comfortably fit in with your furnishings. Can each person walk around it to get to their side of the bed – if not you may want to try the Queen size bed instead. Just as twin beds can be placed against a wall so can a full size. Work on several plan ideas in order to help with your final decision. An amazing 101-night sleep trial offer from the mattress company will also give you the extra security of being able to upgrade to a larger size bed if your mate is edging you out.