Guide: Best Tips & Mattress for Fibromyalgia

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Last Updated on March 24th, 2020

Are you suffering lack of sleep due to fibromyalgia? Read our comprehensive guide on getting a fibromyalgia sufferer comfortably to sleep, along with the best mattress to buy.

I. Sleeping Benefits for Fibromyalgia
II. Sleep Positions for Fibromyalgia
III. Fibromyalgia Sleeping Tips
IV. Fibromyalgia Sleeping FAQ’s
V. GhostBed Fibromyalgia Sleeper Reviews

Fibromyalgia is an evil autoimmune chronic disorder that causes immense pain throughout the body seemingly on a constant basis. The pain contributes to symptoms of severe fatigue and decreased energy. It is common for one with fibromyalgia to agonize with insomnia, waking often during sleep, leading to a constant feeling of tiredness.
Sufferers also suffer with horrible stiffness when waking from being in a specific position for too long. For one who is in this constant cycle of pain and sleep problems it is imperative that they seek the best mattress for fibromyalgia. This will help promote comfort and allow for the best sleep possible, while also helping relieve the pain on pressure points.

I. Sleeping Benefits for Fibromyalgia

Sleep Apnea

Snoring is commonly a sign of having sleep apnea. This is a chronic disorder that occurs with the blocking of the airway causing breathing to stop and restart repeatedly during sleep. Signs of sleep apnea are if you snore very loud and are tired even after a full period of sleep. This disorder has the risk of causing arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat.

Relieving Fatigue

With daily fatigue being a major problem for those with fibromyalgia, it stands to reason that a great sleep will have a huge impact on improving the quality of life. A proper mattress can make a world of difference for a fibro sufferer when seeking out a night of proper sleep.

Pain Reprieve

Being in constant pain can be unnerving and lead to issues such as difficulty falling asleep and restless leg syndrome. Having a good night’s sleep will help begin a cycle of having a more productive day with some pain relief, which, in turn, will lead to better sleep the following night. Sleep gives the body much needed time to repair damaged tissues in to allow the body to get a reprieve from pain.

Anxiety Relief

The pain from fibromyalgia leads to a cycle of constant anxiety over not being able to sleep and function like a normal human being. Having a proper night’s sleep is essential to help repair the body and mind. By having the best mattress for fibromyalgia this will help sufferers lessen anxiety issues regarding being able to fall asleep and stay asleep, which will also keep anxiety levels down during waking hours.

Improves Thought Process

Those with this problem often suffer what is called a fibro fog. This happens when one loses concentration in what they are doing or saying. Proper sleep leads to better concentration and less episodes of fibro fog.

II. Sleep Positions for Fibromyalgia

Side Sleeping

With Fibromyalgia causing pain in tender spots throughout the body, sleeping on the side can be the best way to help relieve pressure on these points, thus reduce pain while sleeping. The fetal position is the best way to reduce pain in the shoulders, lower back, chest, and back of knees. Bring knees up towards chest as if a baby in the womb. Experts feel that this helps to open and rehydrate discs in the back to reduce the lower back pain.

On Back with Raised Knees

Sleeping on the back can also relieve pain but the trick is to place a pillow below the knees to raise them. This allows for back pressure to be relieved and tender spots causing pain to be cushioned. Raising the knees takes body weight off the pelvis. In turn this method raises torso height allowing for strain on the lower back to be alleviated. Use a flat pillow in the back position to calm pain in the shoulder blades, upper back, and neck.

Stomach on Pillow

Although the stomach may turn the neck and cause stress there is relief for fibro sufferers who want to sleep on the stomach. Instead of using a pillow under the head, place the pillow under the stomach. This helps to prevent the back from arching the wrong way, thus reducing pressure and pain.

III. Fibromyalgia Sleeping Tips
  • Relax your mind and soul before sleep. Several relaxation therapies can help those in pain to get better sleep. Have your someone give you a gentle massage but tell them to be careful to not be too tough on the painful pressure points. Other relaxation techniques that will help promote a deeper restful sleep, are deep breathing exercises and counting down from 100 to reduce thoughts of pain lingering in the mind and allow you to drift off to sleep.
  • Exercising on a regular basis in the morning hours can help relieve overall pain and give one a better sleep at nighttime. Exercise will stretch the muscles and get them going for the day and will, in turn, also promote a better sleep pattern.
  • Try to keep to a regular routine of what time you go to bed as well as the time you wake. Also, make sure to only sleep as much as your body requires to be fueled for the day. Too long of sleep time can lead to broken sleep patterns. A good sleep routine will help the body’s circadian cycling and help normalize sleeping.
IV. Fibromyalgia Sleeping FAQ’s

Are there specific mattress pads and toppers that can help with fibromyalgia pain?

Mattress pads that are heated act as if one big heating pad in helping to sooth pain. Many provide specific heating zones with on and off timers. Those who prefer cooling for pain relief can purchase gel cooling pads or toppers that work to absorb body heat.

What is the best firmness level to sleep on?

Shopping for a mattress can be difficult for anyone, but for those in constant pain it can be a daunting task. Aim to look for a mattress that will provide the softness needed to cradle the tender pain spots while also being firm enough as to not sink in. The memory foam bed is the best mattress for fibromyalgia, as it allows for support of all body contours, while also being soft and firm enough to get out of easily.

V. GhostBed Fibromyalgia Sleepers Reviews

Sleeping with fibromyalgia is a difficult task. With pain being constant it is a never-ending struggle to find the comfort required to get a good night’s sleep. By seeking out the best mattress for fibromyalgia it will help in easing pain and promoting a better quality of sleep.

GhostBed is an ideal mattress for those who struggle with fibromyalgia, with real customers reviewing their experience.


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