GhostBed 101 Night Risk-Free Sleep Trial

Go on, get comfortable.

GhostBed’s 101-Night Sleep Trial

means you can lounge, nap, play, snooze & snuggle risk-free for 3+ months.

Buying a new mattress? Don’t rush!

There’s no way around it: According to the CDC, getting poor or insufficient sleep is linked to health issues like obesity, heart disease, and depression.

The right mattress can help you sleep longer and deeper, so you wake up feeling like the best version of you every day.
But mattress shopping is stressful and confusing (not to mention expensive). How are you supposed to know which mattress will suit you best?

The only answer is to sleep on it.
That’s why GhostBed offers a full 101-Night Sleep Trial. Take more than 3 leisurely months to experience the impact that a new, perfect-for-you mattress can have on your health.

Why 101 nights?

Over 18+ years creating cutting-edge mattress technology, we’ve learned that both people and mattresses sometimes need time to get used to each other.

Most people find that it takes between 2 weeks and 1 month to adapt to a new mattress, especially when switching from foam to innerspring, or vice-versa.

At the same time, your new mattress will also adjust to your body over those first few weeks.

Even chiropractic researchers allowed a 28-day “baseline” break-in period when evaluating how sleep study subjects felt about their new bedding systems (Jacobsen et al. 2009).

This 30-day adjustment period is why we ask you to sleep on your GhostBed for 30 days before deciding whether to keep or return it.

And if you need more time, you’ve got up to 101 nights.
That’s 71 more nights to try GhostBed stress-free, knowing you’re protected by our No-Hassle Return Guarantee.

Here’s what it’s like to get your GhostBed

The moment you place your order, our team springs into action to send your mattress on its way.

Step 1: Shipping & Delivery

All GhostBeds are manufactured right here in the U.S. at one of our nine locations. That means we ship way faster than most other bed-in-a-box companies.

Many GhostBed sleepers say their new mattress arrived at their door within 2-5 days of placing their order! Now that’s scary fast.

Step 2: Unbox Your Bed

Judging by the number of mattress unboxing videos on YouTube, people have a lot of fun with this part… and we can’t say we blame them 😉

Once you’ve moved GhostBed into your bedroom, pull the rolled and compressed mattress from its box. Place the roll on your bed base, carefully cut open the plastic, and watch your new mattress expand.

Your GhostBed will be fully decompressed and ready to sleep on within 1-2 hours of unboxing. In some locations with extreme climates, GhostBed can take a little longer.

Step 3: Relax & Sleep

By this point, your GhostBed is ready to supply you with seriously restful sleep — and it’s all yours to try risk-free for 101 nights.

If there’s anything amiss, just call Customer Service at (855) 855-4499, start a live chat on this page, or send us an email here. We’ll take care of you.

Any Questions? Get in touch

Far Better Than Expected

“The very first day I received my GhostBed, I had to call customer support for some bed sheets that didn’t get shipped along with my mattress. That was totally fine because I received them later, but as I was on the phone with customer support after a hard day at work, I laid on my bed for the first time. I felt as if I was lying on a cloud and it was nothing compared to my last bed, hard, stiff, and old.
I remember going off on a little tangent with the customer support on how comfortable the bed was and how ecstatic I was to have it. It’s been about a month and a half now since I received my mattress and not much has changed.”

Steven M., 5-star review

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Don’t dig it? Returns are simple

If it turns out that GhostBed isn’t right for you, we won’t take it personally.
Just let us know, and we’ll work with you to find a comfortable solution.

If you do decide to return your GhostBed, the process is smooth and easy.
Here’s what you need to know:

We can process your return anytime after your GhostBed has been in your home for 30 days.

After Day 30 and before Day 101, if you’re unsatisfied, just let our friendly support team know. You can reach us at (855) 855-4499, start a live chat on this page, or send us an email here.

Once your return is processed, we’ll send someone to your home to take the mattress away. (Don’t worry about keeping the box! We’ve got it covered.)

We’ll refund your payment to the original payment method.

“What happens to my mattress after I return it?”
Answers to that question and more right here.

Everything you need to know about returns

Past 101 nights, you’re still covered by our 25-year warranty

Since most people replace their mattresses every 7-10 years, you might not be expecting to keep your new GhostBed for 20 years. But rest assured that you can.

Sags greater than 1”, splits, cracks, tears, or other defects that develop from normal use during that time are covered by GhostBed’s 25-Year Warranty.

Questions about the warranty? Ask us right here, call us at (855) 855-4499, or start a live chat on this page.

“From initial questions to payment options, our questions were answered in a matter of minutes and with patience. Also, when I told the sales team I would be back in touch, I was able to speak with the same saleswoman to finish the purchase. Shipping was on time, the unboxing was simple, and the sleep is amazing. Very happy with the purchase!”
Scott B., 5-star review

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