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  • Crafted with premium, 100% USA-made Supima cotton blended with cooling and eco-friendly TENCEL® fibers—high-quality sheets at an affordable price point
  • Extremely durable Supima cotton withstands washings year after year and maintains its original shape, feel and comfort
  • Plant-based TENCEL® offers breathability plus bacteria and allergen resistance

Fall asleep in comfort and luxury

GhostSheets are silky-soft, comfortable and wrinkle-resistant.

Stay cool year-round

TENCEL® is 50% more absorbent than regular cotton and provides a lightweight, airy feel that’s perfect for year-round use.

Stay secure

With our 2” GhostGrip band, your sheets stay on securely, all night long.

  • We recommend washing your sheets on a cool or warm cycle, and line-drying to preserve the fibers, color and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose low heat and a low tumble cycle to keep your sheets ultra-soft and crisp.

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We recently bought a second set of sheets!

"These sheets are extremely soft & comfortable. The fitted sheet hugs the mattress and stays in place thanks to the wide band along the perimeter. We bought our first set over a year ago, and they are still like brand new. Very happy with this product and will definitely continue"

– Eric C., 5-star review

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The Luxury Hotel Feel, Right at Home

Now you don’t have to choose between cooling TENCEL® and plush Supima cotton. Experience the best of both with GhostBed’s first luxury performance sheet set. Two amazing fabrics, blended together to create your ultimate sleep haven.

  • Yes Breathable and lightweight — perfect for year-round use
  • Yes Sumptuously soft yet crisp, for superior snoozing
  • Yes Wrinkle-resistant and durable (no annoying pilling here)

Cuddle Up to Luxury

Make your bed a luxurious getaway. Upgrade your tired, scratchy sheets to the ultimate in comfort with GhostSheets, featuring the extreme resilience of Supima cotton and the luxurious, cooling comfort of TENCEL® fibers.

Word on the Street about GhostSheets

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Slumber Yard

"Softer with every wash..."

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"Love how it feels when I get into bed... I feel like a princess."

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"Soft, well-threaded [and] great quality..."

Details That Matter

If you’ve been searching for the perfect luxury sheets but can’t seem to find them, we know the feeling. Ever purchased cozy sheets that start pilling after one wash? Ever caved to marketing ploys that push thread count over everything else, only to find yourself sorely disappointed? You’re not alone.

At GhostBed, we care about quality—not thread count. And our GhostSheets can walk the walk, and talk the talk.

Our luxury sheets are perfect if you...

  • Yes Crave the coolest of the cool (sheets, that is)
  • Yes Dream of cocooning yourself in silky-softness
  • Yes Count on durability when it comes to your bedding
  • Yes Love the idea of wrinkle-free sheets with easy care instructions
  • Yes Want to feel good about what you're sleeping on (plant-based, eco-friendly fibers for the win!)

Materials That Matter

Imagine your bed… but better. GhostSheets are made with the highest-quality materials, for sweet dreams all night.

Supima Cotton

Supima Cottom

Our premium, 100% USA-made Supima cotton is made using longer, smoother and cleaner yarn—resulting in a softer feel. It’s also ​2x stronger than cotton for extra durability, so your sheets withstand washing and maintain their original shape, feel and comfort.

TENCEL​® ​Fiber

TENCEL​® ​Fiber

Stay cool and fresh thanks to TENCEL® fibers. This powerful and eco-friendly textile helps with temperature regulation and moisture absorption, while also resisting allergens and bacteria growth. Say goodbye to sweaty nights.



We’ve all been there. After tossing and turning all night, your sheets slide around until they’ve popped off the corners. With our 2" GhostGrip band, your sheets stay on securely, all night long.

Caring for Your GhostBed Sheets

We recommend washing your sheets on a cool or warm cycle and line-drying to preserve the fibers, color, and elasticity. If you’re using a dryer, choose low heat and a low tumble cycle to keep your sheets ultra-soft and crisp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Expand/Collapse What makes these sheets so unique?

GhostBed’s luxury sheets feature our patent-pending blend of super-soft Supima cotton and cool-to-the-touch TENCEL® fiber, creating a custom feel you’ll love. We’re committed to quality above all else, and our bed sheets stay cool, crisp and plush for the ultimate in sleep comfort. Plus, our exclusive GhostGrip band keeps your sheets in place all night long.

Expand/Collapse Will these sheets keep me cool?

The coolest of the cool! TENCEL® is known for being extremely breathable and moisture-wicking, perfect for hot sleepers and warm climates. It’s an all-natural fiber made from wood pulp, so you’ll feel good about what you’re sleeping on, too.

Expand/Collapse What is the thread count of GhostBed sheets?

At GhostBed, we care about quality—not thread count. But what do we mean by that?

Simply put, thread count is an industry standard that measures the number of vertical and horizontal cotton threads contained within one square inch of fabric. While it’s easy to assume that a higher thread count means better sheets, this number doesn’t take the quality of the fabric into account.

So here’s what really matters: our sheets are made with a unique blend of 60% Supima cotton and 40% TENCEL® fibers. They’re plusher, more durable and will sleep cooler than conventional sheets. Since they are better than all-cotton sheets, thread count is not really an accurate measurement—but if we were to compare, we would say that our sheets feel and function better than sheets claiming to have as much as a 600 thread count.

Expand/Collapse What is Supima Cottom?

Derived from “superior” + “Pima,” Supima cotton refers to American-grown Pima cotton made even better with superior technology. Twice as strong as regular cotton and inherently softer and more luxurious, Supima cotton is made using longer, smoother and cleaner yarn. The result is a feel that is softer and plusher. Additionally, Supima premium cotton is more durable and able to withstand washing year after year.

Expand/Collapse What is TENCEL® Fiber?

TENCEL® fibers are truly revolutionary. With a plant-based origin, the fiber is extracted using an extremely eco-friendly closed-loop system. TENCEL® fibers have a whole host of outstanding properties, which include temperature regulation, moisture absorption, breathability and resistance to bacteria and allergens.

Expand/Collapse Are GhostBed Sheets returnable?

Because our sheets are considered a personal use item, they cannot be returned.