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GhostBed Mattress Protector is for residential use only. GhostBed will replace GhostBed Mattress Protector to the original end-user purchaser if the laminate or fabric of the Product fails due to faulty workmanship or structural defects in the course of normal usage subject to the limitations and conditions described in this warranty. A failure is defined as any food or beverage normally consumed by a human or any human or pet bodily fluid which, in less than 30 minutes, penetrates the GhostBed protector and reaches the mattress surface.


  • Any failure as described about where purchaser has blotted or dried the stain in thirty (30) minutes or less after occurrence. After immediately removing the protector, such stain has not been stopped by protector, and has reached the mattress surface. Failure to follow proper care, installation and laundering instructions, or allowing the origin of the stain to remain on the protector for more than 30 minutes will void this warranty.
  • During the first year of original ownership, if the protector is deemed defective, Nature’s Sleep shall replace the GhostBed Protector, however, all handling or transportation costs associated with this replacement must be paid by original purchaser.
  • Years 2 through 10, but before this warranty expires, if the protector is deemed defective, Nature’s Sleep will replace the protector to the original owner at the following prorated costs to the purchaser. A ten (10) percent charge base on the original purchase price, for each subsequent year following the first year. (i.e. 10% of the original purchase price in year 2, 20% in year 3, 30% year 4 etc., etc.) All handling or transportation costs associated with this replacement must be paid by original purchaser.


This warranty protects you for five (5) years from the original date of purchase of your Mattress Protector.


  • Medical issues, incontinence and repeated or multiple stains or multiple locations of stains from humans and/or pets.
  • Substances such as dyes, inks, paints, dirt or other soil, gum, acids, corrosives, bleaches, nail polish, nail polish remover, medication including vitamins, cosmetics, and chemical hair treatments such as hair gel, hair spray, mousse and similar.
  • Odors, accumulated and / or long-term multiple unknown stains, any unknown stains, non-colorfast material, pet damage, stains caused by the build-up of perspiration, hair or body oil, and normal soiling from everyday use.
  • Any staining or damage to the mattress due to the failure of the protector, any cleaning or replacement costs.

The above exclusions are aspects that do not affect the performance or protective qualities of the product.


  • The GhostBed Mattress Protector must be proper installed covering the entire mattress top and sides with the elastic banding recessed correctly and smoothly under the mattress.
  • The Product must be laundered in cold water using detergent containing NO bleach or bleach alternative.
  • Dry with other bed linens or towels, not alone. Dryer settings must be set no higher than low heat temperature setting, air drying is preferable.
  • Do not iron or use high heat to dry your protector; do not dry clean or use cleaners containing solvents or bleach. Do not use strong detergents or fabric softeners as all of these can damage the waterproof barrier of the protector and will void this warranty.
  • Do not use an obviously damaged protector on your mattress as that will void this warranty.
  • Make certain protector is completely dry before replacing it onto the mattress.


  • This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. An original purchaser is one who purchased the product directly from Nature’s Sleep, GhostBed or an authorized dealer of Nature’s Sleep.
  • Register your product with GhostBed within 30 days of purchase for this warranty to be valid at
  • Should a stain persist after laundering, you must register the stain with our Customer Service department within five (5) days of the incident, at or by email at or mail to: Nature’s Sleep LLC, 7143 West Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33317
  • You must provide original sales receipt as valid proof of purchase for any warranty claim.
  • All shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • This limited warranty provides the original mattress purchaser specific legal rights, one may enjoy additional rights based upon one’s domicile state.


ALL FABRICS ARE SUBJECT TO GENERAL SOILING and this warranty does not eliminate the need for routine care and washing of the mattress protector. This warranty covers isolated stain removal only and not general soiling. General soiling is defined as gradual buildup of dirt, dust, body oils, and perspiration, which cannot be attributed to a single occurrence.

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