Product Setup Guide

GhostBed Product Setup

If you Build it, Sleep will Come.

Gone are the days of struggling to setup your new bedroom. All of our products are designed with you in mind. That means minimal assembly and easy to follow instructions

Can we build it? Yes, we can!

GhostBed Unboxing/Setup Video

Gather the kids and grab your phone – you are going to get a kick out of this! Be ready to say ‘WOW’ as you unbox your new GhostBed mattress. How on Earth do we stick an entire bed in that thing anyway?

Adjustable Base Setup/Assembly

Who knew a product with so many features could have so few steps to set-up? Unfold your base, screw in your legs, connect to power and bam! Luxury is now at your fingertips

Foundation Setup/Assembly

20 minutes to spare? Check. Power drill? Check check. Before you know it, you’ll have the sturdiest all wood foundation built and ready for sleep!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 4 easy steps to unboxing your new mattress:

1st step: Pull out your mattress and check out your warranty card.
2nd step: Position your mattress on the frame and carefully cut open the vacuum sealed wrap.
3rd step: Remove the plastic wrap and show off your GhostBed T-shirt.
4th step: Enjoy your new GhostBed mattress!

Your adjustable power base will arrive at your door pre-assembled with just a few additional steps. Simply un-box the folded frame on a flat floor upside down, slide the locking frame bolts to keep the mechanism in place and finally attach the legs and retainer bar. That’s it! No tools, no worries, no problem. Click here to view the manual for instructions.

Our GhostBed KD Foundation/Box Spring is very simple to assemble. Click here to view the instructions.

All you will need is a power drill. A regular screwdriver will work; but we recommend the drill to make it much easier.