GhostPillow vs MyPillow Comparison

by Marc Werner, Founder - Ghostbed

Last Updated on July 22nd, 2019

Seeking the perfect pillow to lull one off to slumber is as vital as finding that ideal mattress. Companies are now taking their knowhow learned in building that comfortable memory foam mattress into constructing the best of pillows. These new pillows are crafted explicitly to induce peaceful slumber. If one’s head cannot find comfort a night of tossing and turning will follow. Now people are searching for a well-made memory foam pillow to be the just right mate with their memory foam bed. These new innovative pillows are made to accommodate specific needs for all types of sleepers. It is as important to understand the differences between the numerous pillows being sold to purchase the right one that fits one’s sleep needs.


As memory foam has become the material of choice for those seeking the best mattress, the same has become true for consumers seeking out the most comfortable of pillows. GhostBed has made its GhostPillow for consumers seeking the same wonderful cooling technology and innovative materials that makes the GhostBed mattress so comfortable. My Pillow has a mattress too but the company’s emphasis has been placed on selling pillows.

Where GhostBed has spent much time with research and development to create an advanced pillow with innovative materials, My Pillow has placed its efforts on its sales campaign. This certainly comes to light with side-by-side comparisons. The GhostPillow is of solid construction with a lovely embroidered cover that can be zipped off. At first look the My Pillow appears this and lumpy.

GhostPillow comes in one standard size whereas My Pillow does offer an additional King size. It should be noted that reviews complain of the My Pillow standard size actually-seeming smaller than normal standard making GhostPillow a winner in the size category.

In pricing GhostPillow may be a small bit more than the original My Pillow but one certainly does get what they pay for. The construction of GhostPillow gives unique cooling features that are not available with My Pillow. In addition, the loft of the GhostPillow is sturdy and does not flatten, whereas the My Pillow has a lower quality feel to it.

GhostPillow certainly wins with 101-night guarantee against My Pillow’s 60-day guarantee. Both companies provide quick shipping of pillows.


Compiled with help from Mattress Clarity
and Real Mattress reviews
I. PRICE (Mattress Clarity) $85 $99.98/ for 2
$79.98/ 1 Premium
$89.99/ 1 Giza
II. SIZE (Standard) 24” X 16” X 5.5”
(Mattress Clarity)
26″ x 16.5″ x 2″
(My Pillow)
III. CONSTRUCTION Solid piece aerated gel memory foam Shredded foam
IV.WARRANTY 5-year 10-year
V. TRIAL PERIOD 101 night 60 night
(Shipped within 24-hours)
(10-14 bus. days)
(2-5 bus. days)

Both GhostPillow and My Pillow come shipped to one’s front door. Whereas GhostPillow is shipped for free to arrive quickly, My Pillow charges for shipping and charges even more for a faster arrival. My Pillow is also available in some brick-and-mortar store that one can locate with the website’s store finder.

GhostPillow shows true attention to detail even in the box that it is shipped in. The keepsake sturdy box invites one to want to keep it for use in storing an extra pillow or bed linens.


I. Price

Although at first glance it may appear that GhostPillow is costlier it really is not that much more than the original My Pillow when shipping is factored in. Add in the shipping cost to the original My Pillow, compared to GhostPillow’s free shipping, and one will paying more dollars than they realize for My Pillow.

It is important to mention that the more advanced GhostPillow at $85.00 is around the same cost as the Premium My Pillow at $79.98 and the Giza Elegance MyPillows at $89.99. Add shipping costs to the premium My Pillow options and the cost for My Pillow will be much higher than GhostPillow.

For the money spent on GhostPillow one is getting a higher quality pillow built from performance material specifically made to stay cool inside a comforting cover. The plush cover, that showcases an embroidered logo, is clearly of higher quality than My Pillow’s ordinary cotton cover that cannot be removed.

Individual requirements indicate reviews so it is important to state that the Real Mattress reviewer specifically states that he personally likes pillows crafted from shredded foam. Loft of a pillow is important in supporting the neck and allowing for the best sleep. Mattress Clarity notes about the My Pillow crafted from shredded foam:

“This made me sink seemingly all the way through it, sometimes making it feel like I wasn’t sleeping on a pillow at all.”

The GhostPillow is crafted to provide comfort and not flatten as reviewed by Mattress Clarity:

“In terms of comfort, I thought the aerated gel memory foam and 5.5” height profile made the pillow really comfortable laying on my back and fairly comfortable on my side.”

The GhostPillow ships out free and quickly while one has added costs for the My Pillow shipping, and even more for quick shipping of My Pillow.


II. Size, Construction, and Durability

GhostBed offers the GhostPillow in standard size while My Pillow comes in standard and King sizes. It is important to mention that the Mattress Clarity reviewer specifically made note of the standard Queen size My Pillow seemed much smaller than other pillows of the same size. This may be due to the shredded foam becoming bunched preventing loft.

At 6-inches, or 5.5-inches as measured by Mattress Clarity, the GhostPillow clearly has much more loft to support the head and neck than the 2-inch high My Pillow.

Their website touts its patented 3-piece interlocking fill but simply put My Pillow basically uses a shredded foam to fill their pillows. When ordering the My Pillow one can choose the fill level but when it comes down to it the shredded foam will need to be fluffed in order to get it to support in any way. Upon receiving the My Pillow one is instructed to place the pillow in the dryer for 15-minutes before using. This can also be a frustrating task for those apartment dwellers without a washer and dryer. My Pillow can be machined washed and dried.

It is clear that GhostBed wins with its use of research and development in its creation of the GhostPillow. The pillow is crafted using a cool burst technology with a gel memory foam and a top layer of aerated phase change material. The solid memory foam core works to contour for the sleeper’s weight and needs. The responsive foam pops back quickly to its original new state. The lovely moisture wicking performance quilted cover not only adds a nice elegance but also can be zipped off for easy machine cleaning.


III. Comfort

Most important when purchasing a pillow is to buy a supportive mate for the quality mattress. One wants a pillow that provides soothing comfort to relieve aches and add support for a fitful slumber.

My Pillow states that its patented interlocking fill works as one adjusts it to cater to individual needs putting the consumer to work throughout sleep to adjust the pillow. GhostPillow does the work of adjusting to each user. It is designed to contour to an individual’s neck and head to achieve proper spinal alignment as he or she moves. The GhostPillow works throughout sleep time to reduce back and neck pain.

Cooling is key to having the most peaceful of sleeps. Where My Pillow does not make any efforts to help one sleep cooler, GhostPillow specifically is made with technology to reduce heat.

The GhostPillow aerated Gel Memory Foam with a phase change material top layer not only works to support the head, neck, and back, but also works to keep the body cool. GhostPillow wins in comfort with its inventive Cool Burst Technology. This technology allows one to sleep cool throughout the night. As the head rests on the pillow cool air is released. In addition, the fabric cover works to wick away moisture to keep the pillow consistently cool to the touch.

It is evident that GhostPillow is the winner for its technologically advanced pillow that provides excellent support and cooling to provide the best of sleep comfort.


IV. Warranty

GhostPillow offers an impressive 5-year warranty. The pillow is protected for a full 5 years against any structural or workmanship issues.

My Pillow will get the win here with a full 10-year warranty. My Pillow vows to replace any pillow found to have workmanship or material defects.

V. Trial Period

With GhostPillow’s 101-night trial it is the clear winner when it comes to trial period. In order to make a fully confident decision GhostBed recommends trying their pillow for at least 30 nights. Once one has used the pillow for a full 30 nights and are not completely satisfied then they can pay to ship back the pillow for a complete refund.

My Pillow has a 60-day guarantee. If not happy with My Pillow the consumer is asked to pay to return the pillow to receive a refund. Note though that just the pillow cost, and not the original shipping costs, will be refunded.

VI. Conclusion

It is clear that GhostPillow comes out ahead as the best pillow with its quality in construction, design, and comfort over the ordinary My Pillow. It’s cooling technology and solid memory foam rule over My Pillows shredded foam fill. GhostBed’s free shipping and trial period add give more reasons to purchase the GhostPillow over the My Pillow.


* Some of the reviewers may have affiliate relationships with GhostBed and receive a commission, similar with other mattress suppliers and consistent with industry practices.

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