GhostBed Adjustable Base vs Leesa Adjustable Base

The adjustable bed base is now being sought out by consumers looking to add even more comfort factors as a mate to their pliable memory foam mattress. With built-in massage, TV, and zero-gravity positions, along with other options, the adjustable base allows for the bed to be the heart of the home to enjoy work, play, and relaxation.


To win over consumers seeking the most comfortable of bed experience, bedding manufacturers are working hard in the efforts to build the best adjustable base. Just as the memory foam mattress has gained popularity, the adjustable foundation is now being sought for its many benefits for health, lifestyle, and better sleep.

The GhostBed adjustable base is certainly is the best overall winner when compared to the similar Leesa adjustable bed. At just first look the hundreds less price of the GhostBed base easily wins points over Leesa. Upon further investigation, GhostBed’s many built in options over the basic, no-frills at all, Leesa base proves that the GhostBed adjustable base is the winner.

To top off GhostBed’s lead over Leesa is their limited lifetime warranty compared to Leesa’s 25-year limited warranty. Both companies offer delivery to one’s doorstep within days of ordering. Leesa does offer an optional white-glove delivery for an extra $100 to schedule delivery and setup. Although one can easily pay an independent contractor the same $100 to construct the easy-to-assemble GhostBed base.



TWIN XL (38” X 80”)$699$875
QUEEN (60” X 80”)$899$1,045
SPLIT KING (2 – TWIN XL)(76” X 80”)$1,398$1,750

At $699 GhostBed’s Twin XL is a big $175 less than the Leesa Twin XL at $875. Put two Twin XLs together to make one King size bed and the GhostBed adjustable base at $1398 is more than $350 less than the Leesa at $1750.

GhostBed clearly wins for their low price compared to the Leesa adjustable base.


II. Features Breakdown
Massage Modes15 ModesNo
Massage Intensity Levels10, 20 and 30 minute timers for auto shut downNo
TiltsHead & FootHead & Foot
Factory Preset Positions3 – TV, Zero Gravity, LoungeNo
Memory Custom Programmable Positions2No
RemoteWireless, Backlit, 18 functionsWireless, basic up-down functions
Emergency Power DownYes – Auto to flat in power outageNo
Sync CapableYes – Two Twin XL can be synced for one KingYes – Two Twin XL can be synced for one King
Height AdjustabilityFixed 12 inchesYes
No. of Legs66
USB PortsYes – On each sideNo
Motor Capacity750 lbs lift capacity850 lbs lift capacity
Mattress Retention SystemAnti-Skid Decking, Retainer BarMicro-Hook Strips, Retainer Bar
Under-bed lightingYesYes
Remote FlashlightYesYes
WarrantyLimited Lifetime – Steel Frame, Mechanical Base Parts
Full 1 year – Parts, Labor, Freight Limited 2nd year – Parts
Full 1 year – Parts, Labor, Freight Limited 2nd & 3rd year – Parts
25-Year Limited – Steel Frame, Mech Base Parts
DeliveryTo door – less than 1 week from orderingTo door – less than 1 week from ordering


III. Materials/Durability

At first notice the GhostBed adjustable base looks more durable in its appearance of a loftier height over the Leesa base. Both bases have nice fabric wrapped covers that are a neutral shade of grey to fit with any décor. Each base is shipped ready to assemble.

Assembling is easy for both with no tools required for the GhostBed and any tools required come with the Leesa base. It is recommended that two people are needed to lift the weighty bases but one person can easily put each company’s base together. GhostBed makes it a bit simpler with linking bolts that simply turn down and slide into brackets to connect sections. Leesa is slightly more difficult to assemble, requiring one to insert pins into bolts that connect sections through holes in hinges so that all is aligned properly.

Both bases can handle a lot of weight with the Leesa handling a bit more at an 850-pound lift capacity over GhostBed’s max of 750 pounds. It should be noted that GhostBed specifically makes mention that its frame is constructed from 100-percent steel. Each company has designed their frame with six tubular feet. The GhostBed feet are a fixed 12-inch height and Leesa’s offer adjustability.

GhostBed and Leesa both have mattress retainers that are easily placed at foot of bed to assure that mattress will not slip. Added anti slip technology is provided with the GhostBed adding a full anti-skid decking to hold any mattress in place, and Leesa providing two Micro-Hook strips to aid in keeping mattress from slipping. A necessary mention is that a mattress must be Micro-Hook friendly for the strips to do their job.

Under bed lighting is a nice feature offered on both company’s bases. Only GhostBed offers built in USB ports on each side of their base.

Wireless remotes come with both the GhostBed and Leesa. GhostBed certainly wins with its wonderful array of remote features compared to the Leesa remote that simply just allows to raise and lower feet and head.

The Leesa base has a 120-volt input compared to GhostBed’s common 110 volts plug with a battery backup. In case of a power outage the GhostBed adjustable base will automatically revert to the flat position, while the Leesa will not.

GhostBed Adjustable Base Layers


IV. Comfort

As with buying the best memory foam mattress, it is comfort that is impelling folks to purchase an adjustable bed base. The GhostBed base certainly comes out way above the Leesa for comfort. Just comparing remotes one will see that GhostBed is a winner in providing comfort. While both remotes are wireless only GhostBed offers comfort features.

In addition to being backlit, the GhostBed remote has 18 functions compared to just the basic up-down functions of the Leesa remote and base. Those with health problem from snoring to an aching back with appreciate the extra GhostBed features.

Along with preset TV, zero-gravity, and lounge positions, the GhostBed remote allows for to memory custom programmable positions. Leesa only offers basic up-down with no other reset or programmable positions. While Leesa offers no massage, GhostBed has 15 modes of massage that work with recessed soothing massage units inside adjustable base to cater to head and feet.

GhostBed allows for no more disturbing a partner in the middle of the night when a light is needed. To aid in the comfort of a dark room is a remote flashlight built into the GhostBed remote that the Leesa remote lacks.


V. Warranty

GhostBed definitely wins with its GhostBed Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty over Leesa’s 25-Year Limited Warranty. The GhostBed warranty includes a full one year warranty on parts, labor, and freight. In the first year of ownership GhostBed will repair or replace any parts discovered defective with no extra cost to consumer. A limited year two warranty from GhostBed covers the replacement of any defective parts less labor and freight. The GhostBed Adjustable Base Limited Lifetime Warranty covers steel and mechanical base parts for life if they are found to be defective.

Leesa Warranty covers steel and mechanical base parts for only 25 years if they are deemed defective. Like Ghostbed the Leesa warranty includes a full first year coverage on parts, labor, and freight. For years two and three Leesa will cover parts that are defective – less labor and freight.


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